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Advantages of Decorative Aluminum Profiles


Advantages of decorative aluminum profiles

The rise of decorative aluminum profiles is mainly due to the characteristics of metal materials. Aluminum alloy materials have high hardness and long life. They have many advantages compared with the commonly used construction materials such as gypsum board and wood board.

1. The lightweight of the material can reduce the load-bearing of the building itself and provide safety. The density of the aluminum plate is only 2.72.

2. The fireproof performance is good. At present, China’s fireproofing material grades are classified into A grade (non-combustible), B1 grade (refractory), B2 grade (flammable), and B3 grade (flammable). The aluminum plate and steel plate are classified as A (non-combustible) materials and can be used as interior decoration materials. In principle, no combustible materials such as wood and plastic boards are allowed on the ceiling of large buildings. In these places, it is basically metal.

3. Decorative aluminum profiles have a long service life, and the aluminum plate will not rot, crack, or break. For large buildings, it is impossible to renovate every 3 or 5 years. Aluminum plates are coated with fluorocarbon 3, and fluorocarbon 4 coating can remain brand new within 10 years.

4. Large space decoration. At present, the interior decoration space is basically more than 800 square meters. The space is large and the material must have better rigidity. The Aluminum board has more advantages than wood and gypsum board.

5. With a variety of changes, the shape of the aluminum plate can be diversified, and the color can also be changed. With the strange punching arrangement, it can cause a strong visual impact. It can be seen that our factory produces arc-shaped punching aluminum plates.

6. Factory production, aluminum plates are produced in the factory and do not need to be produced on the construction site. Therefore, the efficiency is extremely high and the construction period is easy to control.

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