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Advantages of the Solar Aluminum Alloy Support


Solar aluminum alloy frame, as an important component of solar cell modules, plays the role of fixing solar cells, withstanding wind and snow pressure loads, being able to withstand the corrosion and aging of the climatic conditions of the use place, and improving the solar conversion efficiency. Solar cell frame aluminum alloy profiles can be divided into frame profiles and bracket profiles, which play different roles in the battery system. At the same time, when working in the same place, the natural weather resistance requirements of the frame profile should be more stringent than that of the support profile. The natural weather resistance of the support profile is determined by its objective environment of withstanding sunlight, rain wash, and frost, snow water immersion.

Advantages of solar aluminum alloy support

1. Resistance to natural corrosion
The aluminum placed in the air can form a dense aluminum oxide protective layer on the surface layer. This protective layer can prevent further oxidation of the aluminum alloy profile.

2. Anti-galvanic corrosion
When the steel bracket is in contact with the aluminum photovoltaic panel frame, the aluminum photovoltaic panel frame is prone to galvanic corrosion, and the aluminum alloy profile bracket avoids this phenomenon.

3. Balance voltage
Solar aluminum alloy support has excellent electrical conductivity, so aluminum profiles can better conduct the weak current generated by various reasons in the photovoltaic mounting system.

4. Easy to form
Different profiles can be used to easily obtain aluminum profiles with different cross-sectional shapes through the extrusion process.

5. Easy to process
Aluminum profiles can be easily processed into required specifications of aluminum profiles by sawing, drilling, punching, folding and other processes and the energy consumption of the processing process is much lower than that of steel.

6. Low-temperature resistance
Ordinary steel, especially the welding area is fragile and fragile in low-temperature environments, while the strength of aluminum alloy profiles is increased.

7. Environmental protection and easy recycling
Aluminum alloy profiles need only to consume 5% of the energy from the original process from aluminum ore to profiles after being reshaped.

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