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Aluminum Curtain Wall

The building curtain wall is composed of a supporting structure system and a panel, which can have a certain displacement capacity relative to the main body; it does not share the effect of the main structure; there are protective structures or decorative structures on the periphery of the building.

Our company has also developed aluminum alloy curtain wall products. Because aluminum alloy curtain walls have unparalleled advantages of brick and steel-concrete structures, they have been more and more widely used in modern high-rise buildings. We have also developed aluminum alloy curtain wall products. At present, the main aluminum alloy curtain wall products are invisible curtain wall, exposed frame curtain wall, and broken bridge thermal insulation curtain wall.

The exposed frame curtain wall is the most traditional way of the glass curtain wall. The glass is fixed by mechanical methods such as forward or press buttons. It has reliable working performance, long service life, and obvious external wall display.

The hidden frame curtain wall is to bond the glass with silicone structural sealant to the aluminum alloy frame. The aluminum alloy frame is mechanically fixed to the building wall. The glass and aluminum alloy frame is completely bonded by structural adhesive It is affected by external forces such as glass weight and wind load, earthquakes and temperature changes.

Broken bridge thermal insulation curtain wall: The application of broken bridge thermal insulation aluminum profiles on doors and windows is very common. Similarly, this aluminum profile can also be used in building curtain walls, which has the characteristics of noise reduction, heat insulation, and waterproofing.

Characteristics of aluminum alloy curtain wall

1. The use of aluminum alloy curtain wall will not occupy the overall weight of the building and can achieve a large span of space.
2. Strong anti-deformation ability, it can absorb and weaken the deformation caused by humidity change, earthquake, and other reasons.
3. The external effect of the building made of glass and aluminum profiles is beautiful, and the maintenance cost is clear and low.
4. By setting open windows on the wall, the functions of natural ventilation and smoke exhaust can be achieved.
5. Fast construction speed can help shorten the construction period of the project.

Product Parameters

We can process the size range: the maximum size of the square tube is 100 * 100mm, the maximum diameter of the round tube is 120mm, and the maximum diagonal length is 165mm.
length: ≤7m, Wall thickness:  ≥0.8mm
Alloy composition and temperature, AL 6063, T4 / T5 / T6, or customized according to your needs.
Surface treatment technology: powder coating, wood grain, polishing, wire drawing, sandblasting, etc. can be achieved.
We can provide personalized customization services as follows:
1. Use our existing molds at no additional cost
2. Use your drawings to open the mold, to achieve a certain order quantity free of mold fees
3. When the order reaches a fixed quantity, the molding fee will be charged by return

Application and After-Sales Service

Can be used for windows, aluminum profile curtain walls, thermal insulation aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles, radiators, solar frames, aluminum profiles for kitchen cabinets, aluminum profiles for wardrobes, aluminum profile railings, aluminum furniture, office partitions, Aluminum blinds, aluminum tile finishes, aluminum profiles for the sunroom, aluminum profiles for the shower room, etc.
Delivery time of goods: 15-35 days
Mold delivery time: 7-15 days
Standard and later warranty
1. GB5237-2008 is equal to EN12020-1. 2 (2001);
2. No surface quality problems within ten years


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