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Aluminum Alloy Folding Window Profile

The foldable aluminum alloy folding door and window profile is a screen-style door and window profile, which can save space, flexible opening and closing, and the aluminum alloy doors and windows are lightweight and durable. Aluminum alloy folding window profile, There is an ordinary aluminum alloy profile, wear strip heat insulation profile, glue injection heat insulation profile and so on. This product supports drawing customization, and there are many colors to choose from.

Product features of aluminum alloy folding window profile

1. The foldable design maximizes the opening space, can fully see the outdoor landscape, makes indoor and outdoor unobstructed, and has a wide field of vision.
2. Save space. The aluminum folding door leaf can be moved to the side, saving space is not a little bit!
3. Energy-saving. The heat-resistant aluminum bridge profile is selected, and the surface temperature is close to the indoor temperature, which can reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental radiation due to air conditioning and heating.
4. The aluminum alloy folding door has a high frame, good material strength, strong and durable, and strong resistance to wind pressure deformation. It is suitable for high-rise buildings and residential houses.
5. Flexible push and pull, anti-pinch hand when folding and opening and closing.

Business Trip: Support factory customization and OEM/ODM
Alloy&temper: AL6063 T4/T5/T6 or as customer’s requirement
Size: No specific size can carry specific drawings customized, also can use our existing mold and free. If you need to customize the product, when the order quantity is reached, the mold cost can also be returned.
Surface treatment: powder coating, wood grain, polishing, brushing, PVDF, sandblasting, etc.
Lead Time of Goods:15-30days
Lead Time of Moulds:7-15days

Application and After-Sales Service

We can provide you with molds, as long as you provide drawings, we can produce customized products. Advantages (compared to most other Chinese factories): Lower labor costs can reduce production costs.Lower, lower tax costs, because we are in a local Chinese city, and we are the larger production company in our local area, with the support of the local government.


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