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Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum alloy blinds are one of the widely used types of curtains, made into the shape of blinds. Aluminum alloy blinds are mainly composed of aluminum alloy that is not easy to rust and have the advantages of lightness, durability and so on. Aluminum alloy blinds often appear in high-rise buildings, high-end residential areas, high-end office buildings, and other places. Aluminum alloy blinds have also become common ornaments in buildings, and in practical applications, aluminum alloy blinds also play a role in shading and wind protection.

Product Features of Aluminum blinds

1. Lightweight and high strength
Most of the aluminum alloy materials are hollow-core thin-walled combined sections, which are convenient to use and reduce weight, and the section has a high bending strength, and the doors and windows are durable and have little deformation.

2. Beautiful appearance
After the surface of the aluminum alloy is treated, it can be of various colors and can be selected at will. After oxidation, it is smooth and shiny. The sash frame is large, and a large area of ​​glass can be set to make the indoor light sufficient and bright, which enhances the contrast between the indoor and outdoor facades and makes the living room richer.

3. Better sealing
The aluminum alloy itself is easy to squeeze, the cross-sectional size of the profile is accurate, and the processing accuracy is high. Optional sealing materials with good waterproofness, elasticity, and durability are available, such as rubber bead and silicone sealant. In terms of profiles, various sealing strip fixing grooves have been completed together with the cross-section in the extrusion molding process, creating favorable conditions for the installation of sealing materials.

4. Strong corrosion resistance
The aluminum alloy oxide layer generally does not fade, does not fall off, is difficult to alter, is easy to maintain, and does not require maintenance. The maintenance steps are simple, just wipe the leaves clean with clean water, and then wear gloves to dry.

Product Parameters of Aluminum blinds

1. Speaking of common aluminum alloy blinds. This kind of blind is usually used in the facade of the building, and it has the effect of external wall decoration, whether it is a community-building or an office building. The blinds are all made of aluminum alloy. According to the size of the hole, you can choose the outer frame with different parameters and specifications. Commonly used are 50x50mm, 50x25mm, 38x25mm, 76x44mm. This is generally used when the height of the hole is more than 3m. The thickness is available between 0.8-1.2mm. The matching louver is 60mm wide and 70mm wide. The thickness of the blade is generally about 0.8 mm. The blade spacing is generally between 0-4cm.

2. Aluminum alloy tuyere shutters. It is generally used for the air inlet and outlet of the central air conditioner or the firebox. Play the role of beauty and ventilation. There are many types of aluminum alloy tuyere shutters, so we won’t introduce them too much. You can view the product introduction on the web page.

3. (Manual or electric) glass aluminum shutters. The outer frame is made of aluminum alloy and the blade is glass. The frame material is 60x80x1.0mm, the upper frame is 48x58x1.0mm, the lower frame is 20x58x1.0mm, and the blade is 8mm thick glass. Because the blade is transparent glass, it is generally used in places where good lighting is needed and the amount of ventilation needs to be controlled.

4. (Manual or electric) aluminum alloy blinds. Various frame specifications are consistent with glass aluminum alloy blinds. The blades are made of 100mm wide x 8mm thick or 129mm wide x 8mm thick hollow aluminum louver. Also, like glass aluminum alloy blinds, this type of blinds can be controlled by manual or electric switches to control the opening and closing of the blades, and the angle at which the blades flip. In this way, the amount of ventilation is effectively adjusted and can be closed when not needed. To achieve the effect of ventilation and rain.

Application and After-Sales Service

1. Aluminum alloy blinds are mainly used for outdoor staircase decoration, air conditioning and ventilation, plant ventilation and rainproof.
2. With the development of the real estate economy, the application of blinds is becoming wider and wider.
3. Rainproof blinds can be applied to the roof of the factory building, the air-conditioning of the building and other places, which play a role in rainproof and protection.
Delivery time of goods: 15-35 days
Mold delivery time: 7-15 days

Standard and later warranty
1. GB5237-2008 is equal to EN12020-1. 2 (2001);
2. No surface quality problems within ten years

1. Aluminum alloy adopts heat treatment to obtain good mechanical properties, physical properties, and corrosion resistance.
2. Aluminum alloy blinds are made of high-quality blinds, which are made through a series of processing such as Luohua, punching, and electrostatic powder spraying.


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