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Aluminum Spray Session Need To Pay Attention To Details


In the spraying process of aluminum profiles, more attention needs to be paid, and the treatment should be standardized so that it will be more beautiful and durable in future use. Take a look at the details that need attention.

1. Problems that should be paid attention to in the spray booth: before formal spraying, you can try spraying a few times. At this time, you can observe the size of the powder and the uniformity of the power distribution at both ends of the spray booth. At this time, the powder runs in a straight line within 10 cm from the end of the spray gun, and the outer part is in the form of atomized powder. The powder adsorbed on the surface of the profile is the powder of this atomization effect. Is there such an atomization effect? The powder is used as a standard to control the distance between the spray gun and the profile.

2. The production of the fixture and the selection of the feeding method: the fixtures placed at both ends should ensure that they can withstand a considerable weight of pressure; the fixtures used in the middle part should minimize the contact points between the fixture and the outer surface of the profile during the production and use process The size of the hanging rod should be replenished in time, and the hanging position in the hanging tool of the profile should also follow the corresponding principles.

3. The pretreatment process is simpler than the common pretreatment process before oxidation, mainly for degreasing and customization, and the raw material consumption is low. To improve the production efficiency and reduce the energy consumption during the drying process in the pre-treatment process, a larger material rack is often used, and as many profiles as possible are to be installed. For some softer profiles, more crossbars should be placed in the middle of the profile, so that the groove is placed as far as possible, which is conducive to the evaporation of water.

4. When there is still moisture remaining after the drying process is completed, to avoid damaging the film on the surface of the profile and the profile is too high, the profile of the indoor powder coating is likely to be deformed. It should not be placed in the oven and baked. Use cool drying or blow-dry with an air gun (no oil and gas). Also, the profiles must be kept at an appropriate inclination angle when entering and exiting the troughs and during the drip drying process. However, it is easy to cause some profiles to fall off. A stainless steel wire mesh should be tied to a certain end of the material rack as a preventive measure.

In short, in the process of spraying aluminum profiles, we must pay attention to the treatment of these details, which can extend the service life in the later stage.

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