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Application benefits of aluminum profiles in different industries


Application benefits of aluminum profiles in different industries

Aluminum profiles are usually a by-product of the structural design. Aluminum profiles can be divided into three types according to their use: structure, construction, and industry.

Structural profiles: Although their net weight is very light, this profile has high bending and torsional stiffness. The structure of the solar panel frame, working platform, and scene, etc.

Building profiles: For this application, surface finish is very important. The building profiles are used to make frames for doors, windows, and curtain walls.

Industrial use: In industry, aluminum profiles can be used for a variety of purposes, in which the hardness or surface quality is not important, but the combination of the two and other characteristics of the material (such as conductivity) can provide many By-products. For example cable channel systems, radiators, air conditioners, cabinets, and furniture.

Advantages of aluminum profiles

High thermal conductivity and high electrical conductivity have opened many doors for aluminum profile products. Efficient heat transfer makes aluminum an ideal material for condenser tubes, radiators, and air conditioners in the automotive industry and nuclear reactors. It also promotes the use of aluminum profile products in heating and cooling equipment for large computers, electronics, audio, and video systems, and thawing equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.

Aluminum profiles are light in weight and high in strength, making them ideal materials for manufacturing airplanes, cars, ships, subways, trains, and trucks. This includes the front panel, cylinder head, engine block, gearbox, and chassis. This light and strong feature make aluminum a good choice for manufacturing spacecraft bodies and parts.

Because aluminum has corrosion resistance, it can be used in aluminum mining to transport and dispose of mining materials and waste using aluminum extruded pipes. This anti-rust performance also makes it suitable for military equipment.

Because aluminum tubes are non-magnetic, they can be used to braid coaxial cables and wires.

In addition, aluminum can be recycled repeatedly while maintaining its structural integrity and rich nature. Aluminum profiles are becoming viable solutions to meet specific manufacturing needs for design flexibility, cost savings, and product performance.

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