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Characteristics of aluminum alloy LED lamp radiator


An aluminum alloy LED lamp radiator is a popular new radiator on the market. Due to its high thermal conductivity, high heat dissipation, rapid heat dissipation, and high mental strength, it is consistent with most users. Praise has also changed the view of many heating users on light radiators. The following Hefei Analu International Trading Co., Ltd. provides you with a detailed introduction of aluminum alloy radiators.

Detailed introduction of aluminum alloy radiator

The aluminum alloy LED lamp radiator industry is a new product launched in recent years. For example, a copper-aluminum composite radiator consists of high-quality internal copper tubes and an external aluminum radiator. Used in combination, it has better thermal conductivity, better corrosion resistance, and is easier to shape in various appearance styles. As the aluminum oxide formed after the oxidation of aluminum is the best protective film, it can prevent further oxidation and make it bear oxidative corrosion. Extrusion is also easier, the appearance is more beautiful, the price is relatively moderate, and it is very popular among the working class.

Characteristics of aluminum alloy LED lamp radiator

1. Corrosion resistance: On the surface of the material, the aluminum alloy radiator can produce thick film solid oxides. It can be used in water and heated to pH ≤9 or for a long time. It can be used for various materials with pH≤12 for a long time and has a longer shelf life.

2. Beautiful and generous: The radiator aluminum can be used for various surface treatments, various colors and seamless, decorative, beautiful and durable, selective, and can meet people’s individual needs.

3. Safety: The greater the specific resistance of the aluminum alloy LED lamp radiator, the higher the rigidity is than the copper and steel cast iron. Even in the case of thinner thickness, it can withstand enough pressure without handling, damage to bending strength, tensile strength, and impact strength during installation and use.

4. Lightweight: The weight of the aluminum alloy radiator is one-tenth of the cast iron radiator, the sixth steel radiator, and the third copper radiator, which can greatly reduce transportation costs, reduce labor intensity and save installation time.

5. Easy to install and easy to maintain: the low density of aluminum alloy radiator can be processed in various shapes and specifications of components, so that the aluminum radiator has a large cross-section, and a conventional assembly, product, treatment surface can It is a step and can be installed directly on the construction site, saving a lot of installation costs. Maintenance is also convenient and cheap.

6. Energy-saving: When the distance between the input and output aluminum alloy radiator is the same temperature of heat conduction, the aluminum radiator is 2.5 times larger than the cast iron radiator. Because of its beauty, the heating cover can be omitted, and heat loss can be reduced. Over 30%, the cost is reduced by more than 10%. Although the heat dissipation effect of the aluminum radiator is slightly worse than that of the copper radiator, the weight can be greatly reduced.

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