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Correct use method of aluminum blinds


Correct use method of aluminum blinds

1. The single-layer rainproof aluminum blinds are used in computer rooms and other public places that have long-term ventilation requirements. It is also composed of rainproof blades with water collection trenches and side frames with drip frames. Even when the window is pouring down, not only can it effectively prevent rainwater from entering the room, but also no water curtain will be formed on the windward side of the entire shutter, thus ensuring normal design ventilation requirements.

2. Manually electric single-layer aluminum blinds are used in environments that need lighting, heat dissipation, wind protection, and airflow adjustment without rain, and are widely used in computer rooms, office buildings or other related occasions. In other related occasions, it is composed of streamlined adjusting blades and side frames. It has a protective net cover on the outside and screens on the inside to ensure that the room is filled with fresh air, and no insects or other light objects enter the room. Give people a relaxed and happy working and living environment.

3. Aluminum blinds are used in the machine room or other public places that need ventilation, rainproof, thermal insulation, and regulating airflow. It is also composed of rainproof blades with water collection trenches, side frames with drip frames, and streamlined adjustment blades. It not only has the advantages of single-layer rainproof blinds, and the staff can also adjust the opening of the blinds according to the needs of the indoor temperature or the amount of ventilation. The shutters are flexible and reliable in adjustment and do not need to be lubricated and lubricated throughout the year, with no noise, and good sealing performance.

4. Manual electric double-layer sand control adjustment aluminum blinds are composed of sand control blades and adjustable blades that have the ability to capture sand particles. The blinds can not only effectively capture the sand particles in the air, but also play a role in preventing rain during the rainy season. The rain can adjust the airflow when needed to meet the indoor ventilation requirements. The above adjustable blinds can be equipped with electric actuators, which become electric blinds.

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