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Development of solar aluminum alloy frame


Solar aluminum alloy frame profiles: mainly used on photovoltaic solar panels as their borders and acting as force support.

Uses: To fix and seal solar cell modules and reinforce modules to prolong the service life and facilitate transportation and installation.

Development of solar aluminum alloy frame

The solar cell module is made of imported monocrystalline silicon solar cells in series and parallel. Sealed with tempered glass, EVA and TPT, and an aluminum alloy frame is installed around it. It has the characteristics of strong wind resistance, hail resistance, and easy installation. Widely used in solar lighting, lamps, household power supply, highway transportation, construction, and photovoltaic power stations.

As a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source, solar power generation is ushering in a peak period of development driven by the international market and domestic policies. China has become the world’s largest producer of solar cells/modules. The solar aluminum alloy frame occupies the position of the world’s largest supplier. The photovoltaic aluminum alloy solar frame profiles in Europe, America, and Japan are basically imported from China.

With the development of the global photovoltaic market and the continuous emergence of emerging markets, the pace of “going out” of my country’s photovoltaic industry has accelerated significantly. In addition, domestic photovoltaic manufacturing companies have begun to build new factories in emerging markets such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, India, and Brazil in order to circumvent the “dual-reverse” and close to the end market.

It can be seen that the development prospect of the solar aluminum alloy frame is still very impressive. He advocates green new energy and strives to develop the solar power generation business. Hefei Analu International Trading Co., Ltd. will do its part to make a meager contribution.

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