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Features and advantages of aluminum curtain wall


An aluminum curtain wall is a material of a metal curtain wall. The aluminum curtain wall is used as the external wall of high-rise buildings, which has the performance of waterproof, anti-fouling, and anti-corrosion, which ensures the long-lasting and long-lasting external surface of the building and is more convenient for processing, transportation, installation, and construction. Most of them refer to aluminum veneer curtain walls or aluminum curtain walls, and it is also a popular type of exterior wall decoration in modern buildings.

Characteristics of aluminum curtain wall

The aluminum curtain wall has a unique texture, rich color, and long-lasting, and its appearance and shape can be diversified and can be perfectly combined with other types of curtain wall materials. Its perfect appearance and excellent quality make it very popular.

Advantages of aluminum curtain wall

1. Material: Aluminum alloy veneer, generally 2~3mm aluminum alloy plate.
2. Fluorocarbon coating: 2 or 3 sprays are completed, the thickness of the coating is generally 30-40μm.
3. Color: The color can be selected arbitrarily according to the design and the requirements of the owner, without material restriction.
4. Life span: The life span of aluminum alloy veneer can be as high as 50 years or even longer.
5. Wind resistance: good resistance to wind pressure and deformation, unlike composite aluminum plates, poor wind resistance, and easy to deform.
6. Resistance to temperature change: The aluminum alloy glass curtain wall of the same material has no effect on the wall panel itself when the temperature changes. There will be no bubbles or peeling.
7. Lightning resistance: Aluminum alloy veneer can be used as a good conductor of electricity, and the huge current of lightning strikes can be quickly transmitted underground through the building grounding system.
8. Finished product rate: 99% of finished aluminum alloy veneer, will not cause material waste and increase the cost.

The aluminum curtain wall is a cost-effective, anti-oxidation wall, and it is also a mainstream trend of exterior wall decoration in future buildings.

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