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Features of aluminum alloy profile for civil use


The aluminum alloy profile for civil use is what we know as door and window materials, barriers, and the like. It is widely used and requires less precision and quality. The industrial aluminum profile literally means that the profile used in industry has higher precision than civil materials, and its purpose is relatively strong and single. For example, the cost of radiators (to reduce the heat generated by the operation of the equipment) is also higher than that of civil materials. The price of high-performance aluminum alloy windows is usually higher than that of plastic steel windows. However, in the long run, although the price of high-performance aluminum alloy windows is high, they have a long service life. Although plastic-steel windows are cheaper, they have a short service life. The machinability of aluminum profiles for doors and windows is excellent. In various deformed aluminum alloys and cast aluminum alloys, as well as in the various states that these alloys have after being produced, the machining characteristics change considerably, which requires special machine tools or technology.

Features of aluminum alloy profile for civil use

1. Light-because the weight per square meter of aluminum plate is 2.71kg/㎡, the thickness of the panel can be up to 3mm or more, which greatly increases the flatness of the front surface;
2. Not easy to rust-the aluminum plate oxidizes slowly, and there will be no rust stains on the wall after it is made into a sign;
3. Easy to color-easy to make the paint film adhere, if processed properly, the surface durability is strong, which is comparable to the car surface paint;
4. Easy to install-because it is very light, the installation is much lighter.

Advantage of aluminum alloy profile for civil use

1. Strong plasticity
The material is made of high-precision silicon-magnesium-aluminum alloy (hardness of the reinforced profile) aluminum with a wall thickness of 1.3-1.7, which is specially made by professional craftsmen. It is upgraded on the basis of titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy, with better corrosion resistance and better product strength.

2. Good airtight performance
The airtight performance directly affects the use of the function of doors and windows and energy consumption. Airtightness includes four aspects: water tightness, airtightness, heat insulation, and sound insulation.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving
On the environmental protection doors and windows of Guangming doors and windows, new materials are used to form a partition space between the inner and outer profiles, thereby minimizing the heat conduction of the aluminum alloy, having good heat and sound insulation, no floor rails, and easy to clean and hygienic.

4. Long service life
The aluminum alloy profile for civil use has good durability and is easy to use and maintain. Aluminum alloy doors and windows do not rust, fade, do not fall off, almost do not need maintenance, and the service life of spare parts is extremely long. The decorative effect is elegant. The surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows has an artificial oxide film and is colored to form a composite film layer. This composite film is not only corrosion-resistant, but wear-resistant also has certain fire resistance and has a high gloss. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are light in weight, precise in processing and assembly, so they can be opened and closed easily and without noise. It conforms to the trend of modern people pursuing an elegant style in decoration.

5. Excellent weather resistance
Resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and free from air pollution, acid rain, and ozone attack, UV resistance, long-term retention of inherent color and luster.

Moreover, the maintenance of aluminum doors and windows is also very simple. In addition to daily cleaning, it is better to ensure that the connection between aluminum doors and windows and the wall does not fall off, and the glass of aluminum doors and windows. Whether the sealing strips of the gaps are sealed and used. it is good.

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