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Features of an aluminum alloy frame


As a new type of alloy material, the aluminum alloy frame has stable chemical properties and lightweight and has been widely used in product processing. It has been used in many fields, such as construction, automobiles, high-speed rail, airplanes, and electronic products. The aluminum alloy frame has the following characteristics.

Features of an aluminum alloy frame

1. A wide range of applications: suitable for racks, brackets, doors, industrial automation equipment, workbenches, shelves, containers, ladders, etc. in factories and offices.

2. Convenient construction: Through modularization and multi-functionalization, ideal mechanical equipment coatings can be quickly constructed without complicated design and processing.

3. Beautiful and practical: lightweight, high rigidity, simple and beautiful appearance, no paint.

4. Powerful expansibility: unique T-shaped, groove design, no need to remove the profile when installing components, nuts, and bolts can be installed at any position, the equipment is simple and fast to modify.

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