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Features of industrial aluminum profile frame


The industrial aluminum profile is an alloy material with aluminum as the main component. Aluminum rods are melted and extruded to obtain aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes. However, the proportion of the added alloy is different. The mechanical properties of the industrial aluminum profiles produced are The application areas are also different. Application areas, Generally speaking, industrial aluminum profiles refer to all-aluminum profiles except for architectural doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration, and aluminum profiles for architectural structures.

Features of industrial aluminum profile frame

Professional production and R&D enterprise of industrial aluminum profiles and accessories. The company has been in a leading position in the industry after more than ten years of development. The products have been widely used in various fields of production and life, providing high-quality products and perfect pre-sales and after-sales services for many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities, etc.

1. Wide range of applications: suitable for machine frames, brackets, doors, industrial automation equipment, workbenches in factories and offices, shelves, containers, ladders, etc.

2. Convenient construction: Modularization and multi-function, without complicated design and processing, can quickly construct an ideal mechanical equipment coat.

3. Beautiful and practical appearance: lightweight and high rigidity, simple and beautiful appearance without paint.

4. Strong expandability: unique T-shaped, groove design, no need to disassemble the profile when installing components, you can install nuts and bolts in any position. The industrial aluminum profile frame features simple and fast conversion equipment.

Compared with other metal materials, the aluminum profile has strong plasticity and good productivity, which has good advantages for production; aluminum profile has good ductility, can be made into a light alloy with many metal elements, and the material is excellent; aluminum profile With modularization and multi-function, it can quickly construct an ideal mechanical equipment coat.

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