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How to choose window frame for sliding door?


What is the window frame for sliding door of insulated broken bridge? Broken bridge aluminum is also called heat-insulating broken bridge aluminum profile, heat-insulating aluminum alloy profile, broken bridge aluminum alloy, broken cold bridge profile, broken bridge aluminum-plastic composite profile. It has better performance than ordinary aluminum alloy profiles. Today we will tell you what is the difference between 108 and 85 of window frame for sliding door of insulated broken bridge. And how to choose window frame for sliding door.

How to choose window frame for sliding door?

When choosing aluminum doors and windows for the broken bridge, many friends will be very confused. Why do you say that many companies in the market will deceive many friends, especially in terms of price? I don’t know when I will go shopping and I was very confused when asked. That’s why the price of aluminum doors and windows on the broken bridge is six or seven hundred dollars, and some even exceed one thousand dollars. Faced with such a large gap, many friends feel the so-called “water depth”. In fact, these huge price differences Behind it is our different materials.

Generally used aluminum materials will be cheaper, the price is about 600 yuan per square meter (108 broken bridges), the same hardware accessories may also be fake (not accessories), at this time our price difference will be reflected. There are some details that can be identified. It is best to say that our insulation tape usually uses the country’s cheap insulation tape-PVC adhesive tape, which has poor insulation and is easy to age.

Therefore, when we choose window frames for the sliding doors of an insulated broken bridge, we should not only pay attention to the price, many companies just grab the consumer’s idea of ​​”small and cheap”, but use some inferior products. Everyone should know that a good Window frame for the sliding doors of an insulated broken bridge has good stress resistance. How to judge the advantages and disadvantages of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, look at good sound insulation and heat insulation performance, and long service life. The service life of ordinary broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is generally about 30 years.

So, what is the difference between the so-called 108 broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and 85 broken bridges? 108 and 85 refer to the thickness of the window, not the thickness of the outline. Everyone should pay attention to it. Let’s take Analu doors and windows as an example: the plane frame design of Analu doors and windows 108 broken bridges. The hardware accessories use Stanford (the accessories have exposed paper), and the Stanford hardware accessories have 8 lock points, which are good for theft prevention. It uses 5 + 20A + 5 hollow tempered glass produced by a blue glass listed company. The hollow aluminum strip is formed at one time and has a good sound insulation effect. The heat insulation strip adopts a PA66 nylon strip, which has good heat insulation and durability.

The thickness of the 85 broken bridges and 108 broken bridges is different. The hardware accessories used are not the wellhead broken bridge. How do you judge the pros and cons of aluminum doors and windows? The gap lies in these two points. As we all know, the gap between non-accessories is still very large. Large. 85 broken bridges usually require more engineering. If we make doors and windows or sealed balconies ourselves, we recommend that you use 108 broken bridges. After all, since it is used at home, it will naturally reduce the maintenance workload in the future. And has good performance.

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