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Installation method of aluminum blinds


Installation method of aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds are formed by connecting aluminum-magnesium alloy louvers in series through trapezoidal nylon ropes. It is a curtain that can adjust the light entering, and the angle of the louver can be turned 180° at the same time. According to the needs of light and darkness and ventilation, pull the nylon rope to adjust at will. There are two types of curtains: horizontal Venetian curtains and vertical Venetian curtains.

Features and uses of aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds are flexible to open and close, light in weight, easy to use, and can be adjusted at any angle. They are durable and have a beautiful appearance. They can be used for window shading or blocking the line of sight. They are widely used in residential buildings.

Installation method of aluminum blinds

1. Side installation. Side mounting is conventionally used because the mounting is more convenient and firm.
2. Install in the sky. Upside-down installation is a commonly used installation method when the side of the window frame cannot be installed. It is more difficult than side installation, so it is used less.
3. When the blinds are installed outside the window, 20-30mm should be released on both sides in the height direction. When installed in the height direction, it is best to be about 100mm higher than the upper window frame. The specific amount can be selected according to the actual situation.
4. If you want to install the blinds in the window frame, you should subtract 20 mm from the height and width of the window frame.

Purchase aluminum blinds

The surface treatment methods of aluminum shutter products are different, and they should be selected according to the needs when purchasing. Several common methods and characteristics are as follows.
1. Surface spray. The plastic is attached to the aluminum alloy by the spraying process. It has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, insulation, etc., and its firmness is better than spray paint.
2. Surface baking (spraying) paint. Use high-quality amino-based flat paint, rich in color and firm baking.
3. Surface spraying. Using surface spray technology (various patterns and trademarks), the curtains have flower-shaped colors.

The lifting adjustment of Aluminum blinds is that when the lifting rope swings about 30° to the inside of the curtain, the lifting rope can be retracted freely. The curtain shutters will change height as the lifting rope is retracted. When adjusted to your desired position, only It is necessary to swing the lifting rope to the outside of the curtain for more than 15 degrees and then relax, and the curtain shutters can stay in this position. Pull (turn) the sheet angle adjustment rope (rod) to adjust the sheeting angle at any angle.

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