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Window Frame For Sliding Door Of Insulated Broken Bridge

Insulated broken bridge aluminum is also called broken bridge aluminum, insulated aluminum alloy, broken bridge aluminum alloy. Both sides are made of aluminum, and a plastic profile cavity is used as a heat insulation material in the middle. This innovative structural design takes into account the advantages of both plastic and aluminum alloy materials while meeting various requirements for decorative effects and strength and aging resistance of doors and windows. Features tightly closed, airtight, excellent watertight performance, excellent thermal insulation performance, waterproof, unobstructed drainage, anti-condensation, frost, window bright, anti-mosquito screens, unique multi-point hardware lock, stable and safe in use, metal The material will not burn, windproof sand, windproof, and ensure that the indoor window sills and floors in areas with large wind and sand are dust-free. High-strength, constant shape, maintenance-free, not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali, not easy to turn yellow and fade, many colors, very decorative.

The heat insulation effect is achieved by blocking the heat transfer. There are hot bridges (cold bridges) in the building, that is, the parts that are easier to dissipate heat than ordinary maintenance structures, such as window frames, ring beams, columns, etc., through the treatment of hot bridges (cold bridges), special insulation enclose, reduce heat transfer, to achieve the purpose of reducing heat loss in winter or reducing heat into the room in summer.

Advantages of broken bridge aluminum

1. Broken bridge aluminum has good thermal insulation. It adopts the soft combination of the inner and outer frames of the heat insulation profile, and the frame adopts a three-seal form of a rubber strip and double wool strips, which is tightly closed, air-tight and water-tight performance is excellent, and the thermal insulation performance is superior; the sash adopts a hollow glass structure to make the window truly show sound insulation, Thermal insulation, thermal insulation, excellent function, save a lot of heating and cooling costs, the heat transfer coefficient K value is detected below 2.23-2.94W / ㎡ · K, the energy-saving effect is significant, and the energy-saving cost for several years is enough to make up for the previous investment.

2. Aluminum waterproof function of the broken bridge. The structured drainage system is designed using the principle of pressure balance, the slope design is sloped, and the drainage port is provided to ensure smooth drainage and good water tightness.

3. Broken bridge aluminum to prevent condensation and frost. The broken aluminum profile can realize the three-sealed structure of doors and windows, reasonably separate the water vapor chamber, and successfully achieve the gas-water equal pressure balance, significantly improve the water tightness and airtightness of the doors and windows, and achieve the effect of the net and bright windows.

4. Broken bridge aluminum anti-mosquito screen design. The invisible screen can be installed and used inside and outside. It has anti-mosquito and flies, especially suitable for the mosquitoes in the north.

5. Aluminum anti-theft and anti-loose device for the broken bridge. It is equipped with a unique multi-point hardware lock to ensure the stability and safety of the window in use.

6. Broken bridge aluminum noise and sound insulation. The structure has been carefully designed and the joints are tight. The test results show that the sound insulation of the air reaches 30-40db. It can ensure that residents within 50 meters on both sides of the expressway are not disturbed by noise. Adjacent to the downtown area can also ensure a quiet and warm interior.

7. Aluminum fire protection function of the broken bridge. Aluminum alloy is metal material and will not burn.

8. Broken bridge aluminum. Wind and sand resistant. The straight material of the inner frame adopts a hollow design, which has a strong resistance to wind pressure deformation and a good anti-vibration effect. It can be used in high-rise buildings and city residences. It can be designed with large-area windows and large lighting areas. The airtightness of this type of window is better than that of any aluminum or plastic windows.

9. The broken bridge has high aluminum strength and no change, so it is maintenance-free. The aluminum frame of the broken bridge has high tensile and shear strength and resistance to thermal deformation. It is strong and durable. The aluminum profile of the broken bridge is not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali, and it is not easy to turn yellow and fade, and almost no maintenance is required.

10. A variety of colors of broken bridge aluminum.

11. Broken bridge aluminum green building materials, circular economy. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows will not only produce any harmful materials in the production process, but all materials can also be recycled and reused. They are green building materials and environmental protection products, which are in line with human sustainable development.

12. Broken bridge aluminum has many opening forms, comfortable and durable. There are flat open type, inclination type, overhang type, push-pull type, flat open and inward combined compound type, etc., suitable for public buildings, residential quarters and municipal projects; high-quality hardware accessories are durable, the operating handle is humanized design, beautiful and comfortable, easy to open Flexible, every user action has been tested, the fatigue test has reached more than tens of thousands of times, sliding is an easy, silent, mature and perfect door and window processing technology, high-precision program control processing center for production, stable quality is guaranteed.

New technology features

Use heat-insulating aluminum alloy profiles, and use rolling to combine the inner and outer aluminum alloys and heat-insulating strips.

Insulating glass is used to improve heat preservation performance and sound insulation effect.

Adopting independent sealing structure, sliding window adopts double rubber strip and double top strip four sealing structure; casement window uses equal pressure principle, adopts one hard seal and two soft seals and three seal structures, with excellent airtightness and water tightness.

The use of high-end accessories, beautiful shape, flexible operation, safe and reliable, is conducive to the heat insulation effect of doors and windows.

Product Parameters

The wall thickness of the inelastic assembly structure of the window is greater than 1.4mm, and the wall thickness of the inelastic assembly structure of the door should be greater than 2.0mm. Tensile strength 157N / m2, yield strength 108N / m2, oxide film thickness 10μM.

Business Trip: support factory customization and OEM/ODM
Alloy&temper: AL6063 T4/T5/T6 or as customer’s requirement.
Size: No specific size can carry specific drawings customized, also can use our existing mold and free. If you need to customize the product, when the order quantity is reached, the mold cost can also be returned.
Surface treatment: powder coating, wood grain, polishing, brushing, PVDF、 sandblasting, etc.
Lead Time of Goods:15-30days
Lead Time of Moulds:7-15days

Application and After-Sales Service

It is suitable for public buildings, residential quarters and municipal works. It is durable in quality hardware fittings, humanized in operation handle and beautiful. It is easy to open and convenient. Every action has been checked, and the fatigue tests have reached tens of thousands of times. For example, silent, mature and perfect processing technology of doors and windows, high-precision program control machining center for production, quality stability is guaranteed outstanding advantages of aluminum alloy doors and windows of insulation bridge are: high strength, good heat insulation, good rigidity, good fire resistance, high lighting area, good atmospheric corrosion resistance, high comprehensive performance, long service life, good decorative effect, the high grade is broken bridge and aluminum alloy doors and windows. It is the first choice for high grade building windows.

Using our existing molds is free. And, we can personalize product customization according to the drawings you provide,On the premise of reaching the order quantity, we will refund your mold costs. And if there is a long-term cooperation in the later period, we can keep the mold for you, and the use of the mold in the future is free.


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