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Maintenance method of industrial aluminum profile


With the development of the national economy and the continuous progress of science and technology, the requirements for industrial aluminum profiles are getting higher and higher. As a result, a single aluminum tube is no longer a good way to perform aluminum profiles. Nowadays, industrial aluminum materials, general aluminum profiles, aluminum rods, and tubes are widely used.

Due to the development of the modern automobile industry, aerospace industry, military, etc. and the improvement of individualization, the requirements for small aluminum profiles, quantity, variety, and quality are getting higher and higher. In recent years, China’s aluminum profile market has newly developed many high-quality industrial aluminum profiles, but they still can’t meet the market demand. Another point is that there are some gaps between domestically produced and developed aluminum profiles in terms of technology and equipment. Therefore, it can be speculated that the development prospects of aluminum profiles should be broader and broader.

After surface treatment, the aluminum profile has the advantages of corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, lightweight, etc. The use of aluminum tubes and aluminum profiles is also increasing, the application field is expanding, and the market prospect is very broad. Due to customer demand, there will be a lot of equipment and processing molds. Although it will increase the difficulty of production, as long as you work harder in the future, you can still catch up with foreign technology. Since the application and development of aluminum profiles are so extensive, how to maintain aluminum profiles?

Maintenance method of industrial aluminum profile

1. For the aluminum alloy profiles cleaned by the industrial aluminum profile mold processing plant, the aluminum plate mold processing plant recommends that the anodic oxide film be polished with a high-quality topcoat protective wax, and a layer of acrylic resin-based clear can also be sprayed evenly.

2. It should be cleaned with warm water containing a lubricant or neutral cleaning agent. Acidic or alkaline cleaning agents are not allowed to be used in aluminum plate mold processing plants.

3. Soft cloth and towel are suitable for scrubbing utensils. It is strictly forbidden to use corundum powder, sandpaper, steel wire brush, or other abrasives to scrub the surface of aluminum doors and windows.

4. According to the environment of use, aluminum alloy doors and windows should be cleaned regularly in aluminum plate mold processing plants.

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