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Maintenance Treatment After Aluminum Oxide


To produce a hard and anti-corrosive surface layer on the surface of aluminum profiles, aluminum profile manufacturers will carry out targeted special treatments for some aluminum workpieces to resist corrosion and corrosion, and even the appearance can be greatly improved. However, the aluminum profile manufacturer reminds us that after the oxidation treatment of the aluminum material, the following matters need to be paid attention to avoid damage and affect the use effect, and only then can the effect after oxidation be maintained.

Aluminum profile manufacturers explain the precautions after the oxidation treatment of aluminum profiles.

1. Pay attention to rinse with hot water
After the aluminum profile manufacturer completes the oxidation process steps, it is necessary to rinse the processed aluminum parts with hot water, which can form an oxide film layer on the surface, but it should be noted that the water temperature and time must be strictly controlled, and there must not be any sloppy, Otherwise, it will affect the effect. Aluminum profile manufacturers emphasize that only perfect control of temperature and time can avoid problems so that the thickness and color of the film on the surface can meet the standard requirements.

2. pay attention to drying and aging treatment
It is better to dry by natural air drying, hang the aluminum parts rinsed with hot water diagonally on the shelf, and let the free water on the work surface flow down vertically, the aluminum profile of the aluminum profile manufacturer flows to the water drop at the lower corner Suck it away with a towel. At the same time, the reliable aluminum profile manufacturers suggest that the aging method can be determined according to the climatic conditions. You can choose sunlight or oven baking, as long as the temperature and time are properly controlled.

3. Pay attention to return the products with unqualified parts in time
When the aluminum profile manufacturer performs this treatment, some will inevitably be disqualified due to improper operation or other reasons. At this time, it should be selected immediately for repair. After the surface of the aluminum profile products of the well-known aluminum, profile manufacturers is oxidized, as long as they are of qualified quality, the appearance is very beautiful and resistant to dirt. Once coated with oil stains, it is very easy to clean, otherwise, it should be further processed.

The above are a few precautions after the oxidation treatment of the aluminum profile manufacturer’s products. Also, the cleaning process should be done frequently during use. And aluminum profile manufacturers reminded to pay attention to scrubbing tools should be soft cloth, towels, corundum powder, sandpaper, steel wire brush or other friction materials are strictly prohibited to scrub the aluminum surface, timely cleaning and use of lubricants or neutral detergents Warm water cleaning, do not use an acidic or alkaline cleaning agent.

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