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The scope of use of aluminum profiles


With the continuous expansion of market demand, the output of aluminum profiles has grown rapidly, and application fields have been continuously explored. Aluminum profiles have undergone improvements and innovations in product quality, specifications, and quality, enabling their applications in new areas to be realized. Aluminum profiles are widely used in the construction industry, and their coverage has gradually penetrated into the home furnishing industry. Cases of partial or overall use in home furnishing products continue to emerge, and they are unique in the home furnishing field with their unique personality. The scope of use of ...

Advantages of automotive aluminum alloy


Among the lightweight metals, although the density of magnesium alloy is smaller than that of aluminum alloy, the cost of magnesium ingot is higher, and there are many technical obstacles in the parts manufacturing process, such as lack of high-temperature die-casting alloy and design data, poor surface treatment technology, and low level of bonding, Etc., so the current usage in cars is quite limited. Although titanium alloys used in aerospace and aerospace have high mechanical strength, manufacturing processes are difficult and expensive, the titanium alloys cannot be used in automobile production in large quantities. Aluminum alloy has ...

Features and advantages of aluminum curtain wall


An aluminum curtain wall is a material of a metal curtain wall. The aluminum curtain wall is used as the external wall of high-rise buildings, which has the performance of waterproof, anti-fouling, and anti-corrosion, which ensures the long-lasting and long-lasting external surface of the building and is more convenient for processing, transportation, installation, and construction. Most of them refer to aluminum veneer curtain walls or aluminum curtain walls, and it is also a popular type of exterior wall decoration in modern buildings. Characteristics of aluminum curtain wall The aluminum curtain wall has a unique texture, rich color, an...

Installation steps of aluminum alloy radiator


The radiator is what we usually call a radiator, and it is an indispensable device for heating this kind of heating method. At present, there are many materials for radiators, including traditional iron and stainless steel. An aluminum alloy radiator is a radiator made of aluminum profile or sunflower aluminum profile. What are their characteristics? What are the correct installation steps of aluminum alloy radiator? Aluminum alloy radiator has better heat dissipation performance, so the energy-saving effect is more obvious. Some people have done related experiments. In the same room, using the same specifications of radiators, aluminum ha...

Application and features of decorative aluminum profiles


In the 1920s, the use of aluminum profiles in construction increased, mainly for decorative details. In construction applications, Decorative aluminum profiles first appeared between roofs, waterproofing boards, wall panels, and spandrels. Let me introduce you to decorative aluminum profiles. Decorative aluminum profiles are made by an aluminum extrusion process, and the factory will perform different processing according to the characteristics of different items. And with the continuous progress of technology and the increase of market demand, more and more factories have begun to use this decorative aluminum profile for daily processing ...

The production process of solar aluminum profiles


As a pillar industry of new energy, photovoltaic power generation has become a development trend. In recent years, photovoltaic module companies have sprung up all over the country. One of the components of the solar panel is the solar aluminum profile. The development of the solar photovoltaic industry has also driven the development of the aluminum production industry. Hefei Analu International Trading Co., Ltd. has been producing solar aluminum profiles for nearly ten years, from the original old-fashioned punching machine, one process and one process, to the current semi-automatic production line. After years of R&D and production,...

Features of aluminum alloy profile for civil use


The aluminum alloy profile for civil use is what we know as door and window materials, barriers, and the like. It is widely used and requires less precision and quality. The industrial aluminum profile literally means that the profile used in industry has higher precision than civil materials, and its purpose is relatively strong and single. For example, the cost of radiators (to reduce the heat generated by the operation of the equipment) is also higher than that of civil materials. The price of high-performance aluminum alloy windows is usually higher than that of plastic steel windows. However, in the long run, although the price of hig...

Features of industrial aluminum profiles


The industrial aluminum profile we are talking about generally refers to the industrial aluminum profile used for assembling the frame, which is the aluminum alloy profile with a square or rectangular cross-section, grooves on all sides, and a hole in the middle. The characteristics of this industrial aluminum profile are as follows. Features of industrial aluminum profiles 1. Industrial aluminum profiles have a variety of different specifications, specifications, and sizes, and the size of the long side and the short side are multiples. For example, our common 4040, 4080, 40120, 4040 are square, and all four sides are 40mm, 4080 is The l...

Advantages of aluminum alloy radiator


An aluminum alloy radiator is one of the radiator materials currently used in the family. Compared with other materials, it has certain advantages in appearance, but it is necessary to pay attention to the anti-corrosion function and use the products of large brands and regular manufacturers as much as possible. Advantages of aluminum alloy radiator 1. Corrosion resistance and long service life. A thick and solid oxide film can be formed on the surface of aluminum alloy materials, which can be used for a long time in heating water with pH ≤ 9 or in automobile water tanks, and aluminum radiators with special surface treatment can be used i...
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