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Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy radiator


The steel heating system itself does not have the anti-corrosion function, mainly the manufacturer’s targeted anti-corrosion treatment, but the treatment technology is uneven and has certain defects. In addition, the steel radiator is relatively easy to oxidize. Aluminum alloy radiator is one of the radiator materials currently used by families, which has certain advantages in appearance compared to other materials. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the anti-corrosion function and use the products of large-scale regular manufacturers as much as possible. The biggest disadvantage of aluminum alloy radiator is that it is ea...

Purchasing skills of aluminum alloy folding window profile


In life, we will find that the average consumer either chooses to push and pull aluminum alloy doors and windows or chooses to open the aluminum alloy doors and windows during home decoration. Few consumers will pay attention to folding doors and windows. In fact, the most important function of folding doors and windows is that they can be installed in places where space is small but doors and windows have to be installed. The use of folding doors and windows not only does not occupy space but at the same time, the room will appear spacious and bright after folding. Today’s aluminum alloy folding window profile has many styles, looks...

How to choose high-quality aluminum profiles?


As a heat dissipation tool with high heat dissipation efficiency, aluminum profile radiators have been widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, and lighting industries. However, different aluminum profile radiator manufacturers have mastered different technologies and different production standards, and the heat dissipation effect of aluminum profile radiators is also graded. So how to choose a good aluminum profile? Let me introduce you. 1. Look at the degree of oxidation: when choosing and buying, you can scrape on the surface of the contour to see if the oxide film on its surface can be wiped off. 2. Colorimetry: The color of...

Advantages of aluminum alloy frame for electrical appliances


The aluminum alloy frame for electrical appliances is to fix the main body of the electrical appliances and protect the electrical appliances. The aluminum alloy frame is generally rectangular, and the size and thickness of the frame are customized according to the size and weight of the appliance. Reaching the refrigerator door, as small as the mobile phone frame, now use aluminum alloy profiles. Even the TVs, which claim to be borderless, also use aluminum alloy frames. So, what are the advantages of electrical aluminum alloy so that it can be widely used? Advantages of Aluminum alloy frame for electrical appliances 1. Low density The d...

Application benefits of aluminum profiles in different industries


Application benefits of aluminum profiles in different industries Aluminum profiles are usually a by-product of the structural design. Aluminum profiles can be divided into three types according to their use: structure, construction, and industry. Structural profiles: Although their net weight is very light, this profile has high bending and torsional stiffness. The structure of the solar panel frame, working platform, and scene, etc. Building profiles: For this application, surface finish is very important. The building profiles are used to make frames for doors, windows, and curtain walls. Industrial use: In industry, aluminum profiles c...

Characteristics of building materials extrusion aluminum profiles


Aluminum profiles can not only show great ambitions in industry, but they are also widely used. It can be seen everywhere in the construction industry and has great development prospects. Aluminum profiles used in construction are mainly used for public facilities, building frameworks, roof or wall maintenance structures, skeletons, doors and windows, suspended ceilings, sun visors, lamp supports, etc. The application of aluminum profiles in the construction industry has a long history and has a history of more than 100 years. With the innovation of science and technology, new technologies, new materials, new processes, and so on, the appl...

Installation of aluminum wood combined door frame


Now aluminum wood combined door frame is more and more widely used, but for some users, the installation of doors and windows has become a difficult task. Here is Hefei Analu International Trading Co., Ltd. to introduce the use of wooden doors and windows. Installation of aluminum wood combined door frame 1. Positioning of the spring line the doors and windows are measured along with the full height of the building with a large line, and a line mark is marked on each floor of the door and window. And measure the actual distance of the door and window opening from the door and window edge layer by layer, and the records and signs that need ...

How to choose insulated doors and windows


With the continuous upgrade of the performance of insulated bridge sliding doors and windows, it can achieve sound insulation, dustproof, anti-theft, sealing, etc., and can be widely used in various architectural homes, tooling, hotels, entertainment, KTV and other places. The performance of insulation broken bridge sliding doors and windows is deeply selected by people, but with the development of market competition, various door and window manufacturers have poured out, and the brand of doors and windows is also diverse. So how do we choose our own window frame for the sliding door of What about an insulated broken bridge? How to choose...

Reasons for the cooling speed of aluminum alloy LED lamp radiator


Do you know what the speed of the aluminum alloy LED lamp radiator is related to? Only by understanding this, we can know how to judge the quality of the radiator. Here are some reasons for the cooling speed of the aluminum alloy radiator. Reasons for the cooling speed of aluminum alloy LED lamp radiator First of all, let’s talk about its working principle, which is to use the LED chip to generate heat when it is working and dissipate it into the surrounding environment to keep the temperature of the week within the range of its own needs to ensure the normal lighting of the LED lamp. And its heat dissipation speed is determined by i...
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