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Characteristics of aluminum alloy LED lamp radiator


An aluminum alloy LED lamp radiator is a popular new radiator on the market. Due to its high thermal conductivity, high heat dissipation, rapid heat dissipation, and high mental strength, it is consistent with most users. Praise has also changed the view of many heating users on light radiators. The following Hefei Analu International Trading Co., Ltd. provides you with a detailed introduction of aluminum alloy radiators. Detailed introduction of aluminum alloy radiator The aluminum alloy LED lamp radiator industry is a new product launched in recent years. For example, a copper-aluminum composite radiator consists of high-quality internal...

Maintenance methods for extrusion aluminum profiles


Aluminum extrusion is to put aluminum ingots into a container and apply a certain pressure to form various shapes through die holes. This container is a tool made of steel, also called a mold. During the extrusion process, the quality and size of the mold directly affect the quality of the profile. Because the mold is constantly worn under the harsh environment of high temperature and high pressure, the mold The daily maintenance work is very important. This extruded aluminum material is extrusion aluminum profiles. At present, the competition in the aluminum profile market is very fierce. Enterprises have tried every means to manage the u...

Classification of Aluminum Alloy Folding Window


Classification of Aluminum Alloy Folding Window 1. According to the opening method, it can be divided into the flat opening, folio, pushing and pulling, folding, overhanging, eversion, etc. 2. According to the material, it is divided into wooden doors and windows, steel doors and windows, anti-theft doors, automatic doors, plastic doors and windows, revolving doors, iron doors and windows, plastic doors and windows, stainless steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, glass steel doors and windows, aluminum-wood composite doors and windows, etc. 3. According to the materials and functions of doors and windows, they are divi...

Selection principles of ship aluminum alloy


Ship aluminum alloy refers to aluminum alloy plates, profiles, aluminum alloy rivets, and aluminum alloy pistons that are used to build hulls and equipment and are resistant to seawater corrosion. For the manufacture of aluminum alloys for low temperature liquefied gas transportation spherical tanks, the relevant test data should be submitted to CCS for approval. Other aluminum alloy castings and forgings can be accepted according to the relevant standards accepted by the classification society. Ship aluminum alloy can be produced using ingot molds approved by classification societies and continuous or semi-continuous casting methods. Plat...

The difference between an aluminum curtain wall and glass curtain wall


An aluminum curtain wall is another new type of curtain wall structure developed after the glass curtain wall. The aluminum curtain wall is often used on the same building as the glass curtain wall at the same time. Advantages of aluminum curtain wall Compared with the glass curtain wall, the aluminum curtain wall has many advantages. The aluminum curtain wall has high safety, and the aluminum profile is lighter than glass, which is safer than the glass curtain wall and avoids the accident of the glass curtain wall falling and hurting people. The aluminum profile has good processing performance, it can process various board shapes, can add...

Application advantages of decorative aluminum profiles


Decorative aluminum profiles are generally formed by punching, cutting, and drawing high-quality aluminum plates. The decorative aluminum has bright colors, beautiful appearance, strong and durable, excellent quality, high grade, strong corrosion-resistance, and is suitable for dry environments. Decorative aluminum itself also has good strength, making it an ideal choice for sound-absorbing and thermal insulation materials for walls. Decorative aluminum, also known as a diamond-shaped aluminum plate, is a metal mesh product with a wide range of applications and a high-cost performance. Pure aluminum and aluminum made of aluminum undergo un...

Development of solar aluminum alloy frame


Solar aluminum alloy frame profiles: mainly used on photovoltaic solar panels as their borders and acting as force support. Uses: To fix and seal solar cell modules and reinforce modules to prolong the service life and facilitate transportation and installation. Development of solar aluminum alloy frame The solar cell module is made of imported monocrystalline silicon solar cells in series and parallel. Sealed with tempered glass, EVA and TPT, and an aluminum alloy frame is installed around it. It has the characteristics of strong wind resistance, hail resistance, and easy installation. Widely used in solar lighting, lamps, household power...

Maintenance of window frame for sliding door of insulated broken bridge


The principle of the window frame for the sliding door of insulated broken bridge is to use PA66 nylon to separate and tightly connect the two layers of aluminum alloy indoor and outdoor to form a whole, forming a new type of heat-insulating aluminum profile. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are becoming more and more popular in home decoration, which also brings some problems. Many consumers reflect why there are many problems after the broken aluminum doors and windows are used for a long time, such as stains on the aluminum material. So what are the maintenance methods for broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows? Mainten...

Features and uses of ship aluminum alloy


Ship aluminum alloy can be divided into deformed aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy according to different manufacturing processes. Because marine aluminum alloys have special requirements on strength, corrosion resistance, weldability, etc., marine aluminum alloys mostly use aluminum-magnesium alloys, aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys, and aluminum-zinc-magnesium alloys. Among them, aluminum-magnesium alloys are most widely used on ships. The following Hefei Analu International Trading Co., Ltd. introduces the types, characteristics, and uses of marine aluminum alloys according to the actual use of aluminum alloys. Features and uses ...
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