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Application of industrial aluminum profiles


The industrial aluminum profile is a cross-section aluminum profile formed by extruding an aluminum rod through a mold and can be used in various automated manufacturing industries. What is the industrial aluminum profile? This may be an old topic, and a lot of industrial aluminum profiles have been searched on the Internet to explain. In fact, it is not difficult to understand industrial aluminum profiles, you just need to know that it is actually a material similar to plastic, steel, and stainless steel. It is an aluminum alloy material composed of a variety of different proportions. It can be used in multiple In the field of industrial ...

Why are aluminum radiator materials so popular?


Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers of aluminum radiator materials on the market, and the use scope of aluminum radiator materials is more and more extensive. Why are aluminum profile radiators so popular? Here is Hefei Analu International Trading Co., Ltd. to introduce the advantages of this material. Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Radiator 1. The heat dissipation of aluminum alloy is very good, and the corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy is very poor. 2. The chemical activity of aluminum in the alloy is very lively and easily reacts quickly with oxygen in the air to form a dense aluminum oxide protective film. The thick...

Application fields of aluminum alloy


With the continuous expansion of market demand, the output of aluminum profiles has increased rapidly, and the application fields have been continuously explored. Aluminum profiles have undergone many improvements and innovations in product quality, specifications, and quality so that their application in new fields has been realized. Aluminum profiles are widely used in the construction industry, and their coverage has gradually penetrated into the home industry. Cases of local or overall use in home products are constantly emerging, and they are unique in the home field with a unique personality. Application fields of aluminum alloy 1. ...

Installation method of aluminum wood combined door frame


Aluminum wood combined door frame, including door leaf and door frame. It is characterized in that the door leaf includes a door frame composed of a plurality of aluminum plates and a solid wood door plate wrapped on the surface of the door frame. The door frame and the solid wood door plate are installed and fixed by horse nails or self-acting nails. The narrow side of the aluminum wood combined door frame is aluminum edge banding board, and the long side of the door frame is composed of the aluminum substrate 1, the aluminum substrate 2, aluminum substrate three and aluminum substrate four. The narrow side and the long side of the door f...

Reasons for using aluminum alloy frame for electrical appliances


Now more and more appliances choose to use aluminum alloy frame for electrical appliances, such as the common iPhone and other mobile phones that use aluminum alloy bodies. This aluminum alloy coloring process is anodized. This process uses anodizing to color the aluminum alloy surface to form a strong oxide film, and then allows the mobile phone aluminum alloy surface to generate color and form a protective film. In the past, the outer frames of the home appliances we used were generally painted with iron or stainless steel, so the home appliances used to be bulky and heavy. Now the home appliances are getting lighter and thinner. It̵...

Process Steps Of Wood Grain Printing Powder Coated Aluminum Profile


Woodgrain printing powder coated aluminum profile means that on the basis of powder spraying or electrophoretic coating. According to the principle of high-temperature sublimation heat penetration, the wood grain pattern on the transfer paper or transfer film is quickly transferred by heating and pressing And penetrate into the profiles that have been sprayed or electrophoresed. The produced wood grain profile has clear texture, strong three-dimensional sense, and can better reflect the natural feeling of the wood grain. It is an ideal energy-saving and environmentally friendly material to replace traditional wood. Woodgrain has strong adh...

Advantages of Decorative Aluminum Profiles


Advantages of decorative aluminum profiles The rise of decorative aluminum profiles is mainly due to the characteristics of metal materials. Aluminum alloy materials have high hardness and long life. They have many advantages compared with the commonly used construction materials such as gypsum board and wood board. 1. The lightweight of the material can reduce the load-bearing of the building itself and provide safety. The density of the aluminum plate is only 2.72. 2. The fireproof performance is good. At present, China’s fireproofing material grades are classified into A grade (non-combustible), B1 grade (refractory), B2 grade (fl...

Performance Of Window Frame For Sliding Door Of Insulated Broken Bridge


Performance of window frame for sliding door of insulated broken bridge insulation 1. Window frame for sliding door of insulated broken bridge insulation. The inner and outer frames of the insulating profiles are softly combined, and the frame adopts a rubber strip with double hairs and three seals. It is carefully sealed, sealed, and has excellent waterproof performance and excellent thermal insulation performance. The window frame adopts a hollow glass structure, which makes the window truly show sound insulation, heat preservation, and excellent effects. A large number of economical heating and cooling are used. The heat transfer coeffi...

Advantages of Solar Aluminium Alloy Frame


The solar aluminum alloy frame is currently widely used in the market. The equipment has the characteristics of waterproof and sand reduction, high quality and low price, easy installation, good corrosion resistance, strong wind, and sand resistance, and is suitable for various construction industries. Especially the solar aluminum alloy photovoltaic brackets currently on the market can be favored by most users due to the following advantages. Advantages of solar aluminum alloy frame At present, solar aluminum alloy photovoltaic supports have the following advantages: 1. The structure uses a multi-axis swing reduction mechanism with large ...
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