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Performance of Aluminum Alloy Folding Window Profile


Aluminum alloy folding doors are more and more common in soft homes and are often used for partitions in various locations such as balconies and living rooms, living rooms and dining rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, and toilets. Next, Hefei Analu introduces the performance and the characteristics of the aluminum alloy folding window profile.

Performance of aluminum alloy folding window profile

1. Materials. At present, most aluminum alloy folding doors use advanced titanium magnesium alloy to make hanging rails, door frames, and door leaf frames. Titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy is an alloy in which titanium and magnesium elements are added to an aluminum ingot. Its outstanding advantages are small density, high strength, and good corrosion resistance, plasticity, and strength.

2. Types of glass patterns. The drawing of the glass includes crystal color, dark flower, ice sculpture, color carving, painting, etc. The decorations in the middle are a black gold dragon, black silver dragon, ice shell, blessing character, grid strip, aluminum flower, stickers, etc. The types of glass include white glass, Sandglass, cloth pattern, fragrant pear, diamond, tempered glass.

3. North-South differences. The profiles and glass styles of aluminum alloy folding doors are different in the north and south. The north is mainly made of aluminum and the style is stable. The representatives are grid bars and aluminum flowers. The south is mainly made of aluminum with various shapes and lively styles.

Features of aluminum alloy folding window profile

1. Decoration effect. The aluminum alloy door can be made into various colors and shapes, the surface gloss is high, the frame glass ratio is small, and the aluminum alloy door can also be made into a large size compartment, which has a modern sense and beautiful appearance.

2. Performance. Aluminum alloy doors have very good resistance to wind pressure, air penetration, and rainwater leakage. They can reach the national standard of 1 or higher. The use of heat-insulating profiles and insulating glass has good energy-saving effects, without frost and dew. It can meet the needs of various high-end and high-rise buildings, and is recognized as a medium and high-end door product at home and abroad.

3. Lightweight. The density of aluminum profile is one-third of that of steel, and its specific strength is high. The aluminum profile for windows per square meter is about 5KG, while that of steel is 10-20KG and the weight of the plastic window frame is at least 10KG.

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