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Process explanation of wood grain printing powder coated aluminum profile


A good product can’t be avoided. There are many processes. After repeated inspection, testing, and user experience verification standards, from R&D to design, production, and testing, we have to check every level until we can use it by thousands of households. Aluminum doors and windows. Wood grain printing powder coated aluminum profile is now a commonly used aluminum profile, and it is durable and high, the process must not be simple! Next, let’s dissect the manufacturing process of wood grain printing powder-coated aluminum profiles.

Transfer method to apply wood grain: a pretreatment step, a spraying step, and a wood grain transfer step is performed sequentially. In the pretreatment step, the aluminum profile is racked for chemical degreasing and descaling then washed with water and chromated with chromate. After washing again and drying, in the spraying step, blow and wipe the aluminum profile rack, spray fluorocarbon primer and fluorocarbon topcoat, and dry and solidify. In the wood grain transfer step, first, add water to the transfer water tank and the immersion water tank to heat, and then lay the wood grain film on the water surface of the transfer water tank. Then the surface of the aluminum profile is contacted with the wood grain film, and the wood grain coating on the wood grain film is transferred to the surface of the aluminum profile. Then transfer the aluminum profile to the immersion sink, and then clean, wipe and dry the aluminum profile, and then dry and solidify.

Wood grain printing powder coated aluminum profile has a variety of imitation wood grain color patterns and imitation ecological effects that have been favored by people. Aluminum profile transfer wood grain is in the ascendant. It is widely used in various high-end civil building decoration and indoor bathroom doors in hotels And furniture.

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