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Purchasing skills of aluminum alloy folding window profile


In life, we will find that the average consumer either chooses to push and pull aluminum alloy doors and windows or chooses to open the aluminum alloy doors and windows during home decoration. Few consumers will pay attention to folding doors and windows. In fact, the most important function of folding doors and windows is that they can be installed in places where space is small but doors and windows have to be installed. The use of folding doors and windows not only does not occupy space but at the same time, the room will appear spacious and bright after folding.

Today’s aluminum alloy folding window profile has many styles, looks beautiful and generous, and is relatively labor-saving to use. At the same time, because it belongs to the aluminum alloy material, the profile is light, the heat insulation effect is good, and it can also play the benefits of sound insulation and flame retardancy. In fact, the use of folding doors and windows is quite wide, such as office places, work workshops and other places are very common. But where is the best place to install aluminum alloy folding doors and windows in home life? If the space is narrow, such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc., the installation of sliding doors and opening doors and windows hinder the use of normal space. In such cases, folding doors and windows can be used.

Advantages of aluminum alloy folding door

1. The foldable design maximizes the open space, allows you to fully see the outdoor landscape, makes the indoor and outdoor unobstructed, and has a broad view.
2. Save space. The aluminum alloy folding door leaf can be pushed to the side, and the space-saving is not a little bit!
3. Energy-saving. The use of thermally insulated bridge aluminum profiles, the surface temperature is close to the indoor temperature, can reduce energy consumption while reducing the environmental radiation due to air conditioning and heating.
4. The aluminum alloy folding door frame has a high body, good material strength, strong durability, strong resistance to wind pressure deformation, and is suitable for high-rise buildings and city residences.
5. Flexible pushing and pulling, anti-pinch hands when opening and closing by folding push.

Purchase skills of aluminum alloy folding door

1. Look at the track
The rationality of the design of the ground rail directly affects the comfort and life of the aluminum alloy folding door. Consumers should choose a style that has a good foot feel and is conducive to cleanliness and sanitation when choosing the aluminum alloy folding door. For the safety of the elderly and children at home, it is recommended The height of the ground rail is preferably not more than 5mm.

2. Look at the profile
The aluminum alloy folding window profile on the market is divided into aluminum-magnesium alloy and recycled aluminum. The high-quality aluminum alloy folding door profiles are made of aluminum, strontium, copper, magnesium, manganese, and other alloys. They have great advantages in toughness, and the thickness can reach more than 1mm, while the poor quality profiles are recycled aluminum. Toughness and service life are reduced. Most of the aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles use primary colors without coating, and some manufacturers often use the surface color of recycled aluminum profiles in order to fill them well. Therefore, consumers should let merchants show the cross-section of product profiles when choosing To understand real materials.

3. Look at the pulley
Aluminum alloy folding doors and aluminum alloy sliding doors are divided into upper and lower groups of pulleys. The upper pulley plays a guiding role. Because it is installed in the upper rail, consumers often do not pay attention when choosing aluminum alloy folding doors. The structure of a good upper pulley is relatively complicated. Not only is there a bearing inside, but there are also aluminum blocks to fix the two wheels so that the orientation is smooth and there is almost no noise. When choosing aluminum alloy folding doors, consumers should not assume that the sliding is lighter and the better when sliding. In fact, a folding door of good quality should have a certain weight when sliding, and it should be smooth without vibration.

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