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Reasons for the popularity of aluminum alloy radiator


Aluminum alloy radiator has excellent heat dissipation function and slightly lower cost. The defect is that it has fewer styles and is not resistant to corrosion. It is necessary to do a good job of anti-corrosion inside and outside the water channel. Die-cast aluminum radiators and other aluminum alloy radiators belong to this category. The corrosion resistance of this kind of radiator is worse than that of copper-aluminum composite and steel, and it is usually not used for gathering heating. Now it is more popular in the market.

Reasons for the popularity of aluminum alloy radiator

Why is Aluminum alloy radiator so popular? Because aluminum alloy has more advantages over other materials:
1. The heat dissipation of aluminum alloy is very good, and the corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy is very poor.

2. The chemical activity of aluminum in the alloy is very active, and it is very easy to react quickly with oxygen in the air to form a dense protective film of aluminum oxide. The thickness of the film is about 1μm. The combination of it and the matrix is ​​very strong so that The surface of the coating is passivated to prevent the continuous oxidation of itself. Therefore, aluminum alloy itself is not afraid of oxygen, and there is no oxygen corrosion.
The internal anti-corrosion principle of aluminum alloy radiator: The internal anti-corrosion treatment of the radiator is to coat a layer of organic paint with good adhesion (adhesion) and corrosion resistance on the inner surface of the radiator to isolate the water from the steel or aluminum, thereby Play an anti-corrosion effect. The aluminum alloy aging furnace has a dense aluminum oxide protective film on the surface, so the anti-corrosion coating is difficult to adhere to. Even if it is applied, the anti-corrosion coating block on the inner surface of the aluminum alloy is easily peeled off under the washing of water inside the radiator. Therefore, aluminum alloy radiators must not be used in central heating systems, but they are very suitable for self-healing systems.

3. Compared with steel radiators, Aluminum alloy radiator has a very outstanding advantage in the self-heating water removal system, so now some domestic manufacturers have launched energy-saving combinations of wall-hung boilers and aluminum alloy radiators, which are specially provided for self-heating. For families, this should be a very good choice.

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