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Requirements for using solar aluminum alloy frame


People in the industry know that the requirements of solar aluminum alloy frame are much higher than those of ordinary industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum products, and the price is also higher than that of ordinary industrial aluminum profiles. Why is this?

Requirements for using solar aluminum alloy frame

1. Bad use environment
We all know that solar panels must be used outdoors for power generation. We must choose a place with sufficient sunshine. Long-term sunshine and rain will shorten the life of the aluminum alloy frame. In addition, there will be wind, sand, and hail in some areas with bad weather. Very test the quality of the product. The life of a solar panel can reach 15-25 years, so the life of a solar aluminum alloy frame must not be less than this limit. Therefore, the oxide film thickness of the solar aluminum frame is generally more than 5 μ thicker than that of industrial aluminum profiles.

2. Risk of frame explosion
In fact, the explosion frame is not an explosion aluminum frame, but a glass panel. If the aluminum frame is easy to handle, the cost of a whole panel will cost thousands of dollars. If the tolerance of the solar aluminum alloy frame is unqualified and the frame bursts, it will suffer heavy losses. Therefore, when we produce solar aluminum alloy frames, root inspection is required, and each one must be carefully inspected.

3. Risk of scrapping
The solar aluminum alloy frame we use now is not like fixing the group frame with bolts in the past. Now they are connected by corner codes, and then rivet points are punched. This connection method is very beautiful and generous, but there is also a drawback, that is, it cannot be removed. If a set of finished solar panels is assembled and it is found that mounting holes or drain holes are missing on the frame, the entire solar panel can only be scrapped. So we need root inspection after processing all the processes.

Maintenance of solar aluminum alloy frame

First of all, it is necessary to prevent direct sunlight and exposure, otherwise it will cause the spray layer to fade.
Secondly, it cannot be wiped with corrosive liquids or materials.
Thirdly, rough materials (including toothpaste) cannot be used to wipe the surface.
Fourth, sharp objects cannot be used to describe the surface. If stains appear on the surface of the aluminum material, clean it with a neutral wash and wipe it with water.

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