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Ship Aluminum Alloy

The development of the shipping industry and the development speed of small yachts have brought a large amount of aluminum for ships, due to the harsh conditions of marine ships. The environment puts forward higher technical requirements for marine aluminum alloys.

Ship aluminum alloy can be divided into deformed aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy deformed aluminum alloy in the shipbuilding applications of various countries, from the superstructure of large surface ships, the construction of thousands of tons of all-aluminum marine research ships, ocean-going commercial ships and passenger ships, to water Wingboats, hovercrafts, passenger ferries, catamarans, transportation boats, landing crafts, and other high-speed passenger ships and military speedboats all use deformed aluminum alloys. Cast aluminum alloy is mainly used for pumps, pistons, outfitting and rainwater mine shells. Our company mainly produces deformed aluminum alloy.

For a ship as a means of transportation, increasing speed is one of the main technical indicators for its improvement and development. At present, among various transportation means, the speed of ship transportation is the slowest, and the most effective way to increase its speed is to reduce the weight of the ship, and the second is to use the method of reducing water resistance. Ship aluminum alloy is developing at a high speed.

Advantages of aluminum alloy in marine applications

Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of small specific gravity and elastic modulus, corrosion resistance, weldability, easy processing, non-magnetic and good low-temperature performance. It is used in ships and has the following advantages:

(1) Due to its small specific gravity, it can reduce the weight of the ship, reduce the capacity of the single-engine of the engine, and increase the speed; it can reduce fuel consumption and save fuel oil; it can improve the aspect ratio of the ship, increase stability, and make the ship easy to control; You can also increase the load capacity to obtain additional profits.

(2) Due to its good corrosion resistance, it can reduce maintenance costs such as oiling and can extend the service life (usually more than 20 years).

(3) Good processing and forming performance, easy to perform various forms of processing such as cutting, stamping, cold bending, forming and cutting, suitable for streamlining of the hull; large and wide thin-walled profiles can be extruded to reduce the number of welds and Make the hull structure rational and lightweight.

(4) It has good welding performance and can be welded relatively easily.

(5) The elastic modulus is small, the ability to absorb impact stress is large, and it has greater safety.

(6) Aluminum scrap is easy to recycle and can be recycled.

(7) Without low-temperature brittleness, it is most suitable for low-temperature equipment.

(8) The compass is not affected due to its non-magnetic property; the all-aluminum boat can avoid mine attack and is suitable for mine sweeping boats.

(9) No insect damage and dry deformation; no burning, safer in case of fire.

Product Parameters

Aluminum alloys for ships can be divided into aluminum alloys for hull structure and aluminum alloys for outfitting. The aluminum alloys used for hull structure are mainly 5083, 5086 and 5456. 6000 series alloys can occur in seawater. Intergranular corrosion, so it is mainly used in the superstructure of ships. The outfitting aluminum alloy mainly uses extruded profiles. The strength and process performance of 7000 series alloy after heat treatment is superior to 5000 series alloy, and the application prospect in shipbuilding Broad, mainly used in superstructures of ships, such as crushing structures, armor plates, etc.
No specific size, support the provision of related sizes and drawings for customization.

Application and After-Sales Service

Suitable for ships, small yachts, etc.
Mold delivery time: 7-15 days
Standard and later warranty
1. GB5237-2008 is equal to EN12020-1. 2 (2001);
2. No surface quality problems within ten years.


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