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Solar Aluminum Alloy Support

The solar aluminum alloy mounting bracket is suitable for large-scale commercial and civilian solar photovoltaic systems. The professional and humanized structural design effectively protects the components and reduces the influence of structural profile stress and climate. It supports the rapid installation of thin-film and crystalline silicon solar modules. The design of the installation structure is optimized through analysis of force school core and wind engineering, and complies with relevant building load codes such as AS / NZS 1170, DIN 1055, IBC 2012, GB50009-2012 The materials used are 6005 or 6063 high-strength anodized aluminum alloys. According to customer needs, they provide corresponding oxide film thickness, improve weather resistance and have high corrosion resistance. They are suitable for outdoor installation and use in severe weather conditions. It is the best ground power station solution in offshore and acid rain areas, so the solar aluminum alloy bracket is suitable for the installation of small to MW-level photovoltaic power stations.

Product Features of solar aluminum alloy support

Natural corrosion-resistant aluminum placed in the air can form a dense aluminum oxide protective layer on the surface layer. This protective layer can prevent further oxidation of aluminum alloy profiles.

Galvanic corrosion resistance When the steel bracket is in contact with the aluminum photovoltaic panel frame, the aluminum photovoltaic panel frame is prone to galvanic corrosion and the aluminum alloy profile bracket avoids this phenomenon.
The balanced voltage aluminum alloy profile has excellent conductivity, so the aluminum profile can better conduct the weak current generated by various reasons in the photovoltaic mounting system.

Easy forming can use different molds to easily obtain aluminum profiles with different cross-sectional shapes through the extrusion process.
The easy-to-process aluminum profiles can be easily processed into the required specification aluminum profiles through the extrusion process, and the energy consumption of the processing process is much lower than that of steel.

Low temperature resistant to ordinary steel, especially the welding area is fragile and fragile in a low temperature environment, but the strength of aluminum alloy profiles is increased.
The environmentally friendly and easy-to-recycle aluminum alloy profiles only need to consume 5% of the energy from the aluminum ore to the profiles after being reshaped.

Product Parameters

Installation site: ground or roof
Installation inclination: 0 ° ~ 60 °
Maximum snow pressure: 1.4 KN / m2
Maximum wind speed: 60 m / s
Design standards: AS / NZS 1170, DIN 1055, IBC 2006, etc.
Component type: framed or frameless
Arrangement: horizontal or vertical

Application and After-Sales Service

The solar all-aluminum mounting bracket is suitable for large commercial and civil solar photovoltaic systems
Support drawing customization.


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