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Specific advantages of solar aluminum alloy support


In real life, we can see brackets everywhere, and solar aluminum alloy support is widely used in many fields. For stents, perhaps stents know us, but we don’t know much about stents. Next, Hefei Analu International Trading Co., Ltd. will show you the advantages of solar aluminum alloy support that is widely used.

Brackets, as the name suggests, are structures used to support things. The application of stents is very wide, and they are almost everywhere in real life. Among them, stents made of aluminum alloy can be seen everywhere. In addition to supporting, the bracket can also be used for positioning to keep the parts in the correct position. Supports can be divided into greenhouse supports, mining supports, solar supports, notebook supports, heart supports, hydraulic supports, air-conditioning supports, pipe supports, etc. Here I mainly introduce the greenhouse supports and mining supports.

1. Greenhouse bracket. Greenhouse brackets are mainly used in greenhouses or vegetable greenhouses to support the frame structure of the film and the objects on the film.
2. Mining support. The mining support is a component used in the mine to withstand the pressure of the mine to prevent the mine from collapsing.

Advantages of solar aluminum alloy support

The reason why solar aluminum alloy support is more widely used in various fields of life is that it has many advantages. Next, I will talk about its specific advantages.
1. Lightweight
Compared with some other iron brackets, solar aluminum alloy support is lighter because of the lower density of aluminum.

2. Anti-natural corrosion.
Anyone who studies chemistry must know that aluminum in the air can react with oxygen to form a dense aluminum oxide film, thereby protecting the aluminum from further reactions.

3. Balance voltage
Conductive photovoltaic stent systems sometimes generate some weak currents due to various reasons, and aluminum stents have good electrical conductivity to balance the current well and prevent some accidents.

4. Easy to make
Because of its low density, aluminum profile is very light and very easy to be processed into the required specifications through processes such as sawing, drilling, punching, folding, etc., so solar aluminum alloy support is relatively easy to manufacture, which is why it is widely used One.

5. Low-temperature resistance
Aluminum alloy brackets are very resistant to low temperatures due to the inclusion of aluminum metal, unlike some other steel brackets that are not resistant to low temperatures during the addition process, resulting in less hardness.

6. Environmental protection and easy recycling
After the aluminum bracket is discarded, it will not cause any pollution and is easy to recycle.

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