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The difference between an aluminum curtain wall and glass curtain wall


An aluminum curtain wall is another new type of curtain wall structure developed after the glass curtain wall. The aluminum curtain wall is often used on the same building as the glass curtain wall at the same time.

Advantages of aluminum curtain wall

Compared with the glass curtain wall, the aluminum curtain wall has many advantages. The aluminum curtain wall has high safety, and the aluminum profile is lighter than glass, which is safer than the glass curtain wall and avoids the accident of the glass curtain wall falling and hurting people. The aluminum profile has good processing performance, it can process various board shapes, can add concave and convex lines arbitrarily, and can process various forms of curved lines, which can adapt to the design of various complex shapes. Aluminum profiles have many colors, including stone-like texture, wood-like texture, granite, RAL international standard color system, and various printing patterns. Compared with glass, it can create more decorative effects and give architects a huge space to play. The aluminum profile curtain wall is easy to clean and maintain. The fluorocarbon coating on the surface is non-adhesive and it is difficult to attach pollutants. The self-cleaning aluminum veneer solves the problem of high difficulty in the outdoor cleaning of the curtain wall. The aluminum curtain wall’s aluminum veneer is easy to install and can be fixed on the skeleton. It can also be recycled 100%, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

A major highlight of the current use of glass curtain walls is that the use of various energy-saving curtain wall glass greatly reduces the energy consumption of buildings. Nevertheless, in the past period of time, many construction projects have been plagued by glass curtain walls, and some glass curtain walls have attracted the attention of all walks of life due to the problems of broken glass and falling glass.

In terms of the transparency of the curtain wall, the transparency of the glass curtain wall is unmatched by an aluminum curtain wall, which is also a major feature of the glass curtain wall, so you can see that many building curtain wall light-transmitting parts use glass curtain wall, opaque Partially uses aluminum curtain wall. In general, the two forms of curtain wall have their own advantages. Which one to use depends on your actual situation.

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