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Tips for buying aluminum blinds


As for aluminum blinds, we should all know very well. We often see this kind of product in our lives. Its structure is composed of many blades, so this product can use a manual knob or a pushrod motor to drive the inner connecting rod to move successfully to achieve the blank page window blade. The roll and turn function. Its blades all have a rolling angle of 0 to 105 degrees, within the range of this angle can be adjusted at will. When the angle of the blades is 90 degrees, a very large ventilation effect can be obtained. When the angle of the blade is 15 to 25 degrees, it can effectively prevent outdoor prying. When the blade is absolutely closed, it can prevent the intrusion of a rainstorm.

Many friends choose aluminum blinds when decorating offices or home decorations. So what are the tips for buying good quality aluminum alloy blinds? Let me introduce it to you.

Tips for buying aluminum blinds

First of all, we have to look at the quality of the product. It is also important to understand the quality of the aluminum blinds blades. Because it is an important part of adjusting the effect of our products, you must know whether the product is very lubric when you buy this product. And the uniformity of the surface is also more important. Secondly, we should see if there are some burrs on the surface. If there are burrs, it means that there is a big problem with its quality.

If the aluminum blinds are of good quality, the structure is more reasonable, and its branches are better, and the service life will be longer. The control lever of the blinds is also an important parameter, and its effect is to achieve a good lifting effect. For example, we can adjust its viewing angle effect to make our experience higher, and we have to see whether its switch is smooth, and it is very important to ensure that its application is more flexible and free.

Secondly, when we buy aluminum blinds, look at its scale, because blinds have different brightness and darkness, and there are different setting methods. When purchasing, we must distinguish them according to the specific details. It is very important to make it more experienced during installation, and the width should also meet the standard. The specific length should meet the corresponding standard. Make sure that its size is more strict so that the overall shading effect of the product is still Not bad. For example, when using aluminum alloy shutters in the kitchen, toilet, or some small rooms, it can achieve a good shading effect, and when the light is transmitted, it can also fill the whole house with sunlight, giving us a good experience.

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