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Type of solar aluminum alloy support


The design structure of Solar aluminum alloy support allows the module to adjust the angle according to different places, which can make full use of solar energy resources. In order for the bracket to have good physical properties such as earthquake resistance, wind resistance, and corrosion resistance, the material selection, connection method, and load-bearing force of photovoltaic modules have been analyzed in detail.

The bracket of the solar water heater is the supporting element of solar energy, and it is also an indispensable part of the solar water heater. Now, more and more manufacturers produce solar aluminum alloy support, and brackets are gradually becoming independent from the solar water heater industry. The bracket design of the solar water heater used at home must be reasonable, and the strength and rigidity must be ensured to have sufficient load-bearing capacity. In places where the wind is relatively large when choosing a domestic solar water heater, it is also necessary to consider whether the product is designed to resist wind.

In the field of stent production technology, high wear-resistant materials are used to resist wind, corrosion, and bearing capacity. The maximum wind resistance of solar stents is 216 km/h.

Type of solar aluminum alloy support

1. Roof inclination bracket: inclined to a certain angle with the roof The main components are guide rails, clamps, and inclination mechanism
2. Sloping roof support: parallel to the slope of the roof, the main components are guide rails, clips, and hooks
3. Ground support: install the support on the ground through direct burial, etc.
4. Roof ballast support: use pressure blocks to fix the support, usually installed on a flat roof
5. Pile-driving ground support: installed on the ground of the column by a pile driver
6. Column support: a single column supports the entire solar panel
7. Tracking bracket: the bracket can rotate with the sun

Materials of solar aluminum alloy support

The solar aluminum alloy support commonly used in our country is divided into materials, mainly concrete brackets, steel brackets, and aluminum alloy brackets.

1. The concrete support has a large self-gravity and is used more in large-scale photovoltaic power stations. It has high stability and can support large-sized solar panels.

2. The steel bracket has stable performance, large bearing capacity, and simple installation. It is widely used in household and industrial power stations. The combined steel bracket system is easy to install on-site and fast. As long as the channel steel is assembled with specially designed connectors, the types of connectors are various and complicated.

3. Solar aluminum alloy support is used in the roof solar energy application of household buildings. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, lightweight, beautiful, and durable, but low bearing capacity.

4. Most of the large-scale photovoltaic power generation companies use galvanized metal materials. One is because of the low cost, and the other is that the carrying capacity is large, and the angle can be automatically adjusted with the rotation of the sun, and the utilization rate is high.

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