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Unique properties of Aluminum Blinds


For the current new type of aluminum blinds, the electric mode is more suitable for use in life. Based on the traditional manual aluminum blinds, the electric aluminum blinds can not only control the opening and closing of the blinds by electric but also can manually adjust the light.

Whether it is electric or manual aluminum blinds, there are rich choices of colors and patterns, and patterns can be printed on the blinds, bringing a more vibrant scene to the home.

The blades of blinds usually have good resilience and toughness, can be adjusted to the most suitable light, and are not prone to deformation during use. Let me introduce you to the unique performance of aluminum blinds.

Unique properties of Aluminum Blinds

1. Sound insulation effect. The double-layer hollow structure maintains the indoor temperature and isolates the outdoor high temperature. When the blade is closed, the noise can be reduced by more than 30 dB, which greatly saves energy.

2. Ventilation and privacy. Through the operation, the blade angle can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet different ventilation needs. Change indoor air flexibly and increase indoor oxygen ions. When the blade is adjusted 15-25 degrees, it has an excellent hiding effect.

3. Rain and dust protection The blade is adjusted 10-45 °, which can effectively waterproof; when the blade is closed, it effectively blocks wind and dust.

4. Wide field of vision The blade is adjusted to 90 ° without any sense of depression.

5. Lighting performance The blade is adjusted by 105 ° to increase indoor lighting. Adjust the blade angle at will to adjust the sunlight entering the room.

6. Anti-theft and durable. Aluminum louver with anti-theft and anti-impact functions. Durable, beautiful appearance and structure, easy to clean, and so on.


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