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Application and features of decorative aluminum profiles


In the 1920s, the use of aluminum profiles in construction increased, mainly for decorative details. In construction applications, Decorative aluminum profiles first appeared between roofs, waterproofing boards, wall panels, and spandrels. Let me introduce you to decorative aluminum profiles.

Decorative aluminum profiles are made by an aluminum extrusion process, and the factory will perform different processing according to the characteristics of different items. And with the continuous progress of technology and the increase of market demand, more and more factories have begun to use this decorative aluminum profile for daily processing operations.

Compared with other profiles, decorative aluminum profiles have higher ductility, which means that the factory only needs to spend a small amount of energy to complete the processing of decorative aluminum profiles. At the same time, decorative aluminum profiles have a high strength-to-weight ratio and good mechanical properties. These characteristics make it a frequently used material in the industry. Because decorative aluminum profiles have better ductility and higher strength-to-weight ratio, decorative aluminum profile materials are widely used.

Application of decorative aluminum profiles

Decorative aluminum profiles are mainly used for extruded aluminum profiles in kitchens, wardrobes, windows, furniture, appliances, etc. Extruded aluminum profile range: cabinet door profile, handle profile, tile decoration profile, wardrobe sliding door profile, window profile, etc.

Features of decorative aluminum profiles

1. Lightweight and high strength, convenient construction
2. Beautiful and practical appearance, a wide range of use
3. Strong scalability, easy and quick to modify equipment
4. It has good fire resistance, anti-theft, sound insulation, airtightness, water tightness, and wind pressure resistance.

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