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Processing characteristics of powder-coated aluminum profile


Aluminum profiles are aluminum rods that are melted and extruded to obtain aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes. The production process of aluminum profiles mainly includes three processes: casting, extrusion, and coloring. Among them, the coloring mainly includes oxidation, electrophoretic coating, fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying, wood grain transfer, and other processes. Aluminum profile spraying equipment is a product of an environment where industrial technology development and automation become more and more common after the reform and opening up. The degree of automation is getting higher and higher, and aluminum profile spraying equipment has been widely used in the industry. Woodgrain printing powder coated aluminum profile is mainly suitable for industrial aluminum profiles and architectural aluminum profiles.

Processing characteristics of powder-coated aluminum profile

1. The processing technology is relatively simple. Micro-control of some main technical parameters can be achieved, effectively reducing the difficulty of process operation, and at the same time, the auxiliary equipment is greatly reduced. Such as ventilation facilities, heating, and freezing devices;

2. Woodgrain printing powder coated aluminum profile reduces the pollution of water and atmosphere. Alkali, sulfuric acid, and other liquid organic solvents are no longer used, reducing water and air pollution, and effectively improving the aluminum profile and the plastic steel profile as an environmentally friendly product. Competitive strength correspondingly reduced some production costs;

3. The surface quality requirements of the wool have been significantly reduced. The powder coating can completely cover the extrusion lines on the surface of the profile, cover up some of the surface defects of the aluminum profile, and improve the surface quality of the finished aluminum profile.

Application advantages of powder-coated aluminum profile

The surface treatment methods of Woodgrain printing powder coated aluminum profile generally have three treatment methods: anodic oxidation, electrophoretic coating, and powder spraying. Each method has its own advantages and occupies a considerable market share. Aluminum profile spraying equipment is characterized by no solvent, no pollution to the environment, the powder can be recycled, automatic production is easy to realize, and easy to use. Moreover, the coating colors are diverse, which can meet different weather resistance requirements.
1. The surface is rich in color and soft in texture;
2. Good corrosion resistance and not easy to be polluted;
3. Good weather resistance, with a shelf life of more than 10 years;
4. The powder coating is durable and easy to produce. Therefore, powder coatings have developed rapidly since they were applied to aluminum profiles. The market share of powder-coated aluminum profiles has exceeded 60%. With the implementation of the national energy-saving and emission-reduction policy and the increasing awareness of cost control by aluminum profile companies, reducing power consumption in aluminum profile spraying is an important direction for energy saving, emission reduction, and cost reduction.

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