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Installation steps of aluminum alloy radiator


The radiator is what we usually call a radiator, and it is an indispensable device for heating this kind of heating method. At present, there are many materials for radiators, including traditional iron and stainless steel. An aluminum alloy radiator is a radiator made of aluminum profile or sunflower aluminum profile. What are their characteristics? What are the correct installation steps of aluminum alloy radiator?

Aluminum alloy radiator has better heat dissipation performance, so the energy-saving effect is more obvious. Some people have done related experiments. In the same room, using the same specifications of radiators, aluminum has a better heat dissipation effect than steel. The aluminum radiator has good oxidation and corrosion resistance and does not need to add any additives. This is because once aluminum encounters oxygen in the air, it will form an oxide film. This film is tough and dense, preventing further damage to the body material. corrosion. The aluminum radiator is formed by die-casting as a whole, so there is no leakage from the weld. No matter where it is, aluminum radiators can be used.

Installation steps of aluminum alloy radiator

What are the correct installation steps of the aluminum alloy radiator?
1. Open the package of the aluminum alloy radiator and install the air release valve and the union first.
2. The position of the hole for installing the special hook can be drawn on the wall according to the installation drawing provided or related requirements.
3. When installing the aluminum alloy radiator, consider the damage caused by the expansion and contraction of the heating pipe to the radiator.
4. Put the 12 expansion tube in and lay it flat.
5. Use a percussion drill to drill a hole of 12, the depth should be so that the outside of the expansion tube is flush with the wall after it is placed.
6. Install the hook at the bottom and tighten the screws after reaching the requirements.
7. Put the aluminum alloy radiator on the hook that has been installed at the bottom, and install the upper hook to adjust the position of the hook. After it is clamped, the expansion screw can be tightened. When placing the radiator, place the air release valve on the top.
8. Install and assemble the pipe joints, install the pipes according to the drawings and connect them with the water inlet and outlet, and fasten each place. The rear side is 3.5cm from the wall and 5cm from the kick line.
9. Enter hot water and open the air release valve until water comes out. The operating pressure of the aluminum alloy radiator shall not exceed the operating pressure listed in the manual.
10. The oxygen content in the heat medium cannot be greater than 0.05g per square meter. The medium water used by the radiator should meet PH9≤9, and PH≤12 when there are internal anti-corrosion measures.

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