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Installation tips of aluminum blinds


How to install aluminum blinds? The correct installation method is very important. I would like to ask a question about the workplace where curtains are usually installed: Are there many blinds? Many offices are equipped with shutters, which are easy to install and perfectly match the office atmosphere. However, many friends in life have encountered the problem of installing aluminum blinds and do not know how to start. The following is the installation problem of Hefei Analu International Trading Co., Ltd. aluminum alloy shutters, friends in need can refer to it.

Installation method of aluminum blinds

Installation of aluminum blinds–finding the rules of the process flow → processing and opening the window → checking the installation of aluminum alloy shutters → fitting hardware → debugging → cleaning the installation of aluminum alloy shutters—miscellaneous procedure construction process.

1. Find the law of the spring line. Find the edge of the window on the highest floor, use a large line to drop the edge of the window under the lead, and mark the line on each floor of the window. Individual holes that are not straight must be cut. The horizontal line of the window must be based on the +1250px horizontal line on the ground, upwards and backward, the elevation of the window skin and the elastic line should be straight. Each layer of the window skin (if the elevation is the same) must be on the same horizontal line.

2. The direction of the wall thickness at the installation position: According to the width of the outer wall of the sample card and the instrument panel, determine the direction of the wall thickness of the aluminum alloy window at the installation position; due to the deflection thickness of the outer wall, in principle, it must be in line with the exhibit instrument The thickness of the board is the same, and the instrument panel must extend 5mm under the aluminum alloy window.

3. Anti-corrosion treatment: The anti-corrosion treatment on both sides of the window frame should be carried out according to the design requirements. Avoid the caulking cement mortar directly contacting the surface of the aluminum alloy window, causing electrochemical reaction and corroding the aluminum alloy window.

4. Nails and galvanized steel fasteners for installing aluminum shutters.

5. Positioning and temporary fixation: According to the installed position line, hang it upright, and find the temporary fixation.

6. Fix to the wall: Aluminum alloy windows and walls are fixed with galvanized steel fittings.

7. Deal with the gap between the window frame and the wall: After the aluminum alloy window is fixed, the gap between the window frame and the wall must be handled quickly.
(1) Preliminarily install the window frame on the fixed galvanized steel window frame.
(2) After fixing the frame with a light tape measure, it is level. For example, adjust the frame according to the line drawing. The diagonal length difference of the inspection gap must be less than 3mm. For the aluminum alloy frame, the horizontal verticality, horizontally, and elevation must be checked. Within 3mm.
(3) Fill the space between the wall and the edge of the door and window frame with a sealant.

9. Install aluminum shutters: Before installation, check all parts around the door and window sashes, all gaps, screws, knobs, and other bonding points, and there should be no leakage. The installation of the door and window sash and the parallelism of the door frame and the height of the adjacent sash must be checked to within 2 mm, which is best!

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