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Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy radiator


The steel heating system itself does not have the anti-corrosion function, mainly the manufacturer’s targeted anti-corrosion treatment, but the treatment technology is uneven and has certain defects. In addition, the steel radiator is relatively easy to oxidize.

Aluminum alloy radiator is one of the radiator materials currently used by families, which has certain advantages in appearance compared to other materials. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the anti-corrosion function and use the products of large-scale regular manufacturers as much as possible.

The biggest disadvantage of aluminum alloy radiator is that it is easily corroded and water leakage accidents occur. Aluminum alloy radiators have more solder joints. Compared with other radiators, the probability of water leakage is greatly increased. Steel is generally susceptible to oxidative corrosion. If it is used in a more complex environment, the rate of oxidative corrosion will increase. However, with the development of modern technology, the internal anti-corrosion technology of Aluminum alloy radiator has been improved unprecedentedly. Among them, the deep-sea nano anti-corrosion technology is at the world’s leading level, which greatly enhances the anti-corrosion ability of the radiator and extends the service life.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that aluminum alloy radiator has both advantages and disadvantages, high-efficiency heating, comfortable and beautiful appearance, and low price. However, in view of the shortcomings of radiators, for safety reasons, consumers try to choose high-quality products when buying, buy well-known, powerful, and technologically advanced brands, and choose good installation and after-sales service providers. Ensure good installation quality and after-sales service.

Aluminum alloy radiators are divided into steel plate radiators and steel column radiators. Aluminum alloy radiators have a beautiful appearance, many options, stable heat dissipation performance, low carbon energy saving, green environmental protection, and are trusted by users.

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