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The scope of use of aluminum profiles


With the continuous expansion of market demand, the output of aluminum profiles has grown rapidly, and application fields have been continuously explored. Aluminum profiles have undergone improvements and innovations in product quality, specifications, and quality, enabling their applications in new areas to be realized. Aluminum profiles are widely used in the construction industry, and their coverage has gradually penetrated into the home furnishing industry. Cases of partial or overall use in home furnishing products continue to emerge, and they are unique in the home furnishing field with their unique personality.

The scope of use of aluminum profiles

1. Material characteristics of aluminum profile
The density of the aluminum profile is about 2.7g/cm3, which is about 1/3 of the density of copper. Compared with other metal materials, the weight is lighter, but the strength and hardness are enough to meet the use of furniture. Aluminum profiles are easy to process into specifications, which is more convenient for bulk storage, packaging, and transportation.

2. Application of aluminum profile in home
The aluminum alloy profiles used in a modern office and home furnishings are sprayed with thermosetting resin powder on the surface, and the thermosetting resin powder is cured at a high temperature to form a stable, firm, and colorful coating. The deep-processed aluminum profile has formed a product series so that it can be integrated with the office, home, and indoor environment. The disassembly and assembly of partitions, the finished installation, and the diversification of surface treatment are very suitable for use in modern urban office spaces and working public spaces, and are favored by enterprises and quickly popularized for use.

3. Development trend and the prospect of aluminum profile in the application
Aluminum profiles can be widely used in many fields such as medical treatment, vehicles, packaging, aerospace, electronics and electrical appliances, and light industry. The big reason is that the surface treatment technology of aluminum profiles has become more mature. In order to cater to the new generation of young consumer groups, modern home furnishings have increasingly tended to be simple and fashionable, with more breakthroughs in styling, focusing on formal aesthetic design. In terms of color, it is rich and changeable, and the new type of finishing effect is praised. In terms of function, it is practical and aesthetic, and the detailed design is brought to the extreme. In terms of these needs, the changing role of aluminum profiles can be met to a large extent. The cross-section modeling has played a role in supporting the appearance, with rich surface treatment, and a more in-depth exploration of the surface treatment technology of aluminum profiles, which will create a new look to meet more needs.

With the shortage of wood resources, aluminum profiles have gradually attracted attention. To maximize the strengths and avoid weaknesses has always been the mainstream principle of material utilization. How to make full use of the characteristics of aluminum profiles or explore new application possibilities, or create new aluminum profile materials, Aluminum profiles are better adapted to household applications. With the in-depth study of aluminum profile materials, it is believed that aluminum profiles will have more display space and applications in the future.

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