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The material of aluminum alloy folding window profile


In life, we will find that general consumer either choose to push and pull aluminum alloy doors and windows when doing home decoration, or they choose to open aluminum alloy doors and windows. Few consumers pay attention to aluminum alloy folding window profiles. In fact, the main function of folding doors and windows is that they can be installed in places where the space is small but doors and windows are installed. The use of folding doors and windows not only does not occupy space but also makes the room spacious and bright after folding.

Nowadays aluminum alloy folding window profile has many styles, looks beautiful, and easy to use. At the same time, because it is made of aluminum alloy, the profile is light, the heat preservation effect is good, and it also has the advantages of sound insulation and flame retardant. In fact, the use of folding doors and windows is quite extensive, such as office places, workshops and other places are very common. But in home life, which places are most suitable for installing aluminum alloy folding doors and windows? In places such as kitchens and bathrooms, if the space is relatively narrow, installing sliding doors and flat opening doors and windows will hinder the normal use of the space. In this case, folding doors and windows can be used. So do you know what materials are used for folding doors and windows in life?

The material of aluminum alloy folding window profile

1. Anodized aluminum profile
The anodized aluminum profile can effectively protect the material from corrosion, is antistatic, does not absorb dust, and is easy to clean. Fireproof and has excellent heat dissipation. Lightweight, the specific gravity is only one-third that of stainless steel. The appearance is characterized by super metal texture, high-grade, beautiful, and shining; the color is uniform and does not fade; no fingerprints are left after touching. The surface of the anodizing process will never fall off, suitable for household use. The color of African placer gold for aluminum alloy side-hung doors and aluminum profiles of Asia Material is achieved by sandblasting and anodized surface treatment. In addition to the excellent physical properties of anodized aluminum profiles, African placer gold also has a thin sandy texture. Layer, you can feel the delicate uneven texture on the touch, which is used to decorate the home space to show the majestic and powerful atmosphere.

2. Electrophoresis coating aluminum profile
Electrophoretic coating aluminum profiles are electrophoretic coating after the aluminum profiles are anodized and electrolytically colored, which has a double-layer protection effect. With high transparency, high metallic texture, high corrosion resistance, and high weather resistance, it is more decorative than spray paint and powder spraying. It is deeply loved by users. It occupies an important position in the aluminum surface treatment process. It has been widely used in home decoration. , The potential market is huge. The French Champagne color of aluminum alloy side-hung door profiles of Yacai doors and windows is colored by the electrophoresis coating process. The product contains environmentally friendly coatings, which protects fire safety and the air environment. The appearance is full and rich in color, like secondary fermentation in a bottle Champagne is as tempting, filling the home with romantic lightness.

3. Wood grain transfer aluminum profile
As the name implies, wood grain transfer is a surface treatment method that reproduces various wood grain textures on the surface of aluminum profiles. Because the colorful wood grain colors satisfy consumers’ pursuit of a natural and comfortable life, there is a huge potential market. Many consumers have enthusiastically sought after. The surface pattern of the transfer wood grain profile is clear, the color is pure, and the sense of layering is strong. Anti-aging and fading, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance are excellent. While fully displaying the beautiful wood grain texture, it allows consumers to enjoy comfort, peace of mind, and peace of mind. Green life. Yacai doors and windows are available in a variety of wood grain profiles such as American white oak, Swedish red cherry, African red rosewood, etc., suitable for new Chinese, versatile, Mediterranean, and other styles of decoration to meet the different individual needs of different consumers.

After reading the above introduction, I believe you already know what material the aluminum alloy folding window profile is made of. After different materials are made, the price will not be the same. When you buy, you can buy according to the material and price.

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