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Application of decorative aluminum profiles


Usually, decorative aluminum profiles are made by an aluminum extrusion process, and the factory will perform different processing according to the characteristics of different items. And with the continuous progress of technology and the increase of market demand, more and more factories have begun to use this decorative aluminum profile for daily processing operations. Compared with other profiles, decorative aluminum profiles have higher ductility, which means that the factory only needs to spend a small amount of energy to complete the processing of decorative aluminum profiles. At the same time, decorative aluminum profiles have a hig...

Features of building materials extrusion aluminum profiles


Aluminum profiles can not only be used in industry but also have a wide range of applications. It can also be seen everywhere in the construction industry and has great development prospects. Building materials extrusion aluminum profiles are mainly used for the maintenance of public facilities, building frameworks, roofs or walls, frameworks, doors and windows, suspended ceilings, sun visors, lamp supports, etc. The application of aluminum profiles in the construction industry has a long history and has a history of more than 100 years. With technological innovation, new technologies, new materials, new processes, etc., the application of...

Features of aluminum curtain wall


With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, people pay more and more attention to materials in room decoration. There are many kinds of materials for room decoration on the market. Different wall materials have different decoration effects. At the same time, its performance during use is different, so you should choose according to your actual decoration. And the use situation to choose, Aluminum curtain wall as a commonly used decoration material. It is often used in people’s daily life. Let’s briefly introduce the aluminum curtain wall. What is the aluminum curtain wall The aluminum curtain wall has a u...

Type of solar aluminum alloy support


The design structure of Solar aluminum alloy support allows the module to adjust the angle according to different places, which can make full use of solar energy resources. In order for the bracket to have good physical properties such as earthquake resistance, wind resistance, and corrosion resistance, the material selection, connection method, and load-bearing force of photovoltaic modules have been analyzed in detail. The bracket of the solar water heater is the supporting element of solar energy, and it is also an indispensable part of the solar water heater. Now, more and more manufacturers produce solar aluminum alloy support, and br...

Precautions when installing aluminum blinds


Everyone is familiar with aluminum blinds. In the past, blinds generally only served to ventilate and block the line of sight, and they were mostly used for indoor ventilation. However, as products are upgraded and improved, and better materials are introduced to make them, there are more and more types of blinds, and the fields of use are becoming more and more extensive. The use of aluminum alloy shutters to replacing traditional curtains is gradually becoming a trend. Aluminum blinds currently on the market can adjust the opening and closing of the window openings and the opening angle of the blades. Both in terms of lighting and ventil...

Installation method of insulated bridge sliding doors and windows


In summer, the house is too hot and stuffy, and many people think of buying Insulated broken bridge sliding doors and windows. Insulated broken bridge sliding doors and windows can block some dust, noise and other pollution generated by the outside world. So do you know the installation method of broken bridge doors and windows? Let’s take a look at the installation method of broken bridge doors and windows. Installation method: Mainly we need to clean the hole, and then adjust the window frame to make it on the same plane, then fix the window frame, install the glass, install the window sash, and finally carry out our gap sealing re...

Precautions for the use of aluminum wood combined door frame


The aluminum wood combined door frame is composed of aluminum alloy profile and wood profile. It is a kind of production and processing material with excellent outdoor weather resistance, interior decoration, and excellent energy-saving and heat insulation. It is suitable for doors and windows of various shapes and different sections. Curtain wall, sunroom. The aluminum wood combined door frame is a new type of door and window formed by mechanically connecting aluminum alloy profiles and wood on the basis of solid wood. The outdoor part is made of special profiles for doors and windows with small deformation. It is extruded with special al...

The technical performance of insulated bridge sliding door and window frame


The outstanding advantages of the aluminum alloy of the window frame for the sliding door of the insulated broken bridge are high strength, good thermal insulation, good rigidity, good fire resistance, large lighting area, good atmospheric corrosion resistance, high comprehensive performance, and long service life. The decoration effect is good, and the aluminum alloy doors and windows using broken bridge insulation aluminum profiles are the products of choice for building windows. Let me introduce to you the technical performance of the insulated bridge sliding door and window frame. The technical performance of insulated bridge sliding ...

Specific advantages of solar aluminum alloy support


In real life, we can see brackets everywhere, and solar aluminum alloy support is widely used in many fields. For stents, perhaps stents know us, but we don’t know much about stents. Next, Hefei Analu International Trading Co., Ltd. will show you the advantages of solar aluminum alloy support that is widely used. Brackets, as the name suggests, are structures used to support things. The application of stents is very wide, and they are almost everywhere in real life. Among them, stents made of aluminum alloy can be seen everywhere. In addition to supporting, the bracket can also be used for positioning to keep the parts in the correct posit...
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